Internal crisis in the PAN: its leader, Marko Cortés, is left alone

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The National Action Party (PAN), the largest opposition political body at the moment, is mired in a deep internal crisis, in the middle of the next electoral process in which things are not looking good for the Albiazul party.

In 2022, six states will elect a new governor, while in two the integration of the legislature and city councils will be defined. But a few days ago, I know leaked an audio in which the PAN leader himself, Marko Cortés, admits that his party only has a real chance of winning the governorship of Aguascalientes, while anticipated the defeat of the PAN and the alliance “Va por México” at 2024 before Morena.

Against this background, the journalist Salvador García Soto, assured in his column of The universal, that the party leadership has lost the leadership and direction of the party, just at a time when PANism should be the anchor of the opposition alliance, while internal divisions and loss of confidence towards who heads the CEN confirms the disunity that affects the Blue and Whites at the moment.

“And it is that Marko Cortés has not been able to enthuse the PAN in his recent re-election, in which he failed to convey the existence of a new partisan project that aims to strengthen and renew the PAN to become the true Opposition option that can capitalize and channel the discontent that exists against the López Obrador government in an important sector of Mexicans, who until now have not found a true counterweight and balance to the overwhelming presidential power and growth of Morena, and who do not see real options to direct their vote of discontent towards the current government ”, he highlighted.

Photo: Victoria Valtierra / Cuartoscuro
Photo: Victoria Valtierra / Cuartoscuro

“The failures of figures like the senator Damien Zepeda, former PAN national leader; of the former governor of Querétaro, Francisco Dominguez; of the former deputy Adriana Davila; from the former senator Roberto Gil Zuarth; from the senator Gustavo Madero, and from the former aspirant to the national leadership, Gerardo Priego placeholder image, al decline all of them to accept the offer of positions as’ CEN delegates‘in states where there will be governor elections in 2022, made by Marko Cortés, they make it very clear that Most of the PAN leaders do not want to support or associate with the image of the current national leader and they preferred to reject the charges to coordinate the state elections next year ”, he assured.

The journalist stressed that these characters not only rejected the appointment, but also questioned the “crude and clumsy” way in which their national leader decided and announced the appointments in a press release, without first consulting them.

In this way – the columnist considered – it became clear “the void” that they made to Marko Cortés and reproached him for his lack of forms and leadership.

“Incredible the CEN of the PAN. Without prior dialogue, he announces charges for whom we have disseminated a different opinion. Childish, zero politics, pure image. I will always help the PAN, throughout the country and in all campaigns, but I will not be part of a CEN that I do not share”, He published on Friday in his account Twitter Senator Damián Zepeda, former PAN national leader.

But Zepeda was not the only one. He was joined by the former governor of Querétaro, Francisco Domínguez, who, using the same social network, wrote: “For the third time I reiterate: I will not participate in any activity with the current PAN leadership. I will not be an accessory to the destruction of the party nor of the extinction of Mexican democracy and freedom. It is urgent to recover the height, vision and talent ”.

They were joined by two former candidates for the PAN leadership, Adriana Dávila and Gerardo Priego.

Pretending to summon to work together is not dialogue. The policy does not support simulation. My work will always be in favor of the PAN, beyond its leadership, “said Dávila, while Priego declared:” It is very crude, first came the offenses, arrogance, arrogance, aggressions During the internal process, all the manipulations that took place and now publicly he wants to appear as inclusive, because obviously we were not going to accept him by the forms and after all the offenses that there have been, we were not going to accept any of us, “he said. .

Against this background, the columnist stressed that it is clear that “Marko Cortés not only lost leadership and confidence of the PAN in this second reelection that apparently was more forced than real; but also, what little authority he had left in his party disappeared after, in a coup of ‘friendly fire’ that he himself denounced, they leaked him a week ago an audio of an internal meeting with the panismo of Aguascalientes, in which Cortés practically gave up 5 of the 6 governorships that will be renewed in 2022 and he said that Morena will win all of them, while the PAN could hardly fight Aguascalientes ”.

The statement, which he tried to deny by saying that it was an edited audio, was widely criticized by PAN leaders, congressmen and governors who demanded his anticipated defeatism.

Photos: Facebook / Martín Orozco / Marko Cortés
Photos: Facebook / Martín Orozco / Marko Cortés

In the midst of the scandal, he still Governor of Aguascalientes, Martín Orozco SandovalHe revealed that after that internal meeting, he questioned Cortés Mendoza: “I told him: ‘then what are you doing looking for the presidency of the party?’ And he told me: ‘is that he is going to lose on 22 and 24 ′, that is, he anticipated that on the 24th he was also going to lose it. And I said: ‘Well, what audacity, what audacity’. Because at that time he was looking for reelection, that is, where a candidate should be reelected, I mean a president with this vision of defeat, “he said.

Although Marko Cortés accused him of lying, Martín Orozco said: “I hold it in front of whoever it is, which he told me in my office [de Palacio de Gobierno] that he sees a complicated panorama, with which I differ ”, he insisted.

“If the PAN, which is the party that is supposed to be the most solid of the opponents, which is the head of the Opposition Alliance with a diminished and divided PRI, with a PRD that is no longer what it was and an MC that is not convinced If he joins the opposition bloc, then it means that Morena’s advancement next year will give him to achieve 22 governorships in the country, that is, he will govern two-thirds of the states, ”the columnist highlighted.

With a weakened, divided PAN and its national leader abandoned and snubbed for the leadership of his party, Q4 and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will have practically a free path to establish a new regime that will stay at least for another six-year term leading the country, with all that that means, García Soto concluded.


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