“I can’t anymore”: the kick that injured Paulo Dybala in Argentina’s victory over Uruguay

A Paulo Dybala an unthinkable opportunity came to him in the 1-0 victory of the Argentine national team in view of Uruguay for the South American Qualifiers: the injury it entails Lionel Messi (He went to the bank and entered the last 15 minutes) opened the doors of ownership. His performance started in the best way, since he recovered the ball at the beginning of the action of the only goal of the game. However, a kick caused an injury and he had to be replaced by Joaquín Correa at halftime.

The 27-year-old Juventus striker stole the ball from Joaquín Piquérez and gave it to Ángel Di María, after 7 minutes of action, for Fideo to draw the warped and magical left-foot that sentenced the scoreboard. He was the first one who approached the PSG man to greet him, deeply involved in the lawsuit, offering himself with mobility so that the Albiceleste came out of the Uruguayan siege. But moments later, when going to look for a forced pass, He received a kick from the aforementioned Piquérez that left him lying on the grass for a while, touching the soleus of his left leg.

Indeed, Dybala continued on the field evidently touched, at times limping, or confessing to Di María “I can’t take it anymore”, as the chamber of TyC Sports. But he gave up on any suggestion to ask for the change. He continued until the break. There, coach Lionel Scaloni chose to take care of him, thinking about his physical health and the possibility of needing him against Brazil, next Tuesday, from 8.30 pm, at the San Juan del Bicentenario stadium. It is assumed that in Cuyo Messi will start, but eventually the Jewel can count on action, taking into account that the captain is not 100%.

Information from the National Team’s medical team indicates that Dybala suffered a “Muscle overload in the left soleus” and left the field as a precaution. In the last two years, he had barely played 10 minutes entering as a substitute in the 3 to 1 victory over Venezuela on the triple date of September; the day of Messi’s injury. The last time the rival had started was the same as today: Uruguay, on November 18, 2019, in a 2-2 draw in a friendly match.

Well, he played him again in a transcendent match and contributed to the victory, beyond the injury. That did not allow him to finish the match and generated concern within the National Team.


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