Horizon Cup: the Wild Rift World Championship started and EBRO failed against Team Queso

The first international Wild Rift instance started in Singapore, the Horizon Cup. EBRO, Latin American representative, made their debut in group B against Team Queso and fell 2-0 at the start of the tournament.

In the first game, after an even start where no significant distance was taken, the difference began to be marked around five minutes. The infernal dragon appeared and both teams went to find it. Team Queso found itself better positioned and took the opportunity to get the first blood and thus secure the objective. A minute later, there was another fight for the Heraldo zone, in which the Europeans won 4-1, which allowed them to make a big difference in the gold.

9 minutes of play, and TQ continued to add kills and towers, while the gold difference came to 10k. The Argentine team tried to fight with all the conditions against, but the Europeans already had a lot of advantage and after 12 minutes they got an extermination that allowed them to press even more in a practically defined game. When the Baron appeared, Cheese took him to get the last push and close the first game in his favor. Acolyte, with his Senna, was elected MVP.

In the second game, EBRO was noted better at the start, as he kept the first dragon and the Herald, although Team Queso stayed on top in terms of gold due to different kills they were able to achieve. At 7 minutes, the Europeans won a match in the center lane 2-0, allowing them to increase the gold difference to 4k and take the second dragon.

Moments later, another teamfight in the middle lane went to TQ, who in this case achieved 4 kills and continued the pressure, as in the previous game. With the appearance of the Baron, the Europeans took advantage of the bonus to give the last push and close the series 2-0. Andreszed was the best of the game with Galio.

Although the start was not ideal, the Lion tomorrow will have to face Team Secret, starting at 11:30 (AR). The Argentine team needs to be among the top three of the group to qualify for the tournament playoffs.


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