Guatemala registers about 124 sensitive earthquakes this 2021

A total of 124 sensitive earthquakes have been registered this year in Guatemala without causing damage or human loss in a country highly prone to tremors, civil protection reported this Saturday.

“During the year 2021, 3,885 earthquakes have been registered, of which 124 were reported as sensitive,” as reported on Friday by the seismology institute, the scientific entity of the National Coordinating System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED).

CONRED in a statement urged civil society to “be prepared when this phenomenon occurs, taking into account that an earthquake cannot be predicted.”

Given this, he recommends having the family response plan ready, having the emergency iit for animals and finding out about situation reports and indications from the authorities, among other measures.

Strong earthquakes have reached 6.1 degrees of magnitude but so far without causing casualties or damage.

Guatemala tends to suffer phenomena of this type due to the convergence of the Caribbean, Cocos and North American tectonic plates, as well as by local geological faults that generate a series of movements, mostly imperceptible by humans.


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