Eritrea criticizes US sanctions for Tigray war crimes

Anniversary ceremony on November 3 of the war in Tigray in Addis Ababa. EFE / EPA / STR

Addis Ababa, Nov 13 (EFE) .- The Government of Eritrea criticized this Saturday the latest sanctions imposed by the United States on the military and leaders of the country – applied for the crimes of which Eritrean troops are accused in the war in the neighboring Ethiopian region of Tigray – and branded them “illicit” and “immoral”.
“These unilateral sanctions, which turn Eritrea into a scapegoat on the basis of spurious allegations, are a violation of international law and constitute a flagrant violation of the sovereignty, independence and liberation of peoples and nations,” said the Eritrean executive in a statement released this Saturday by the Ministry of Information.
“Its transparent objective is to obstruct durable solutions that promote sustainable stability in the Horn of Africa in general and in Ethiopia in particular, and to fuel and perpetuate the vicious cycle of chaos that (the United States) will later manage,” the text adds.
In this sense, Eritrea branded the sanctions “immoral” and “illegal” and reiterated both its condemnation of the measures and its rejection of the accusations.
The new US sanctions were announced this Friday by the Office of Foreign Assets Control and affect both the Eritrean military and members of the ruling Popular Front for Democracy and Justice (the only legal party in Eritrea) and advisers in safety and economy.
For its part, the war in the northern Ethiopian province of Tigray broke out on November 4, 2020 and pits the federal Executive of this country against the rebels of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tigray (FPLT).
Due to this conflict thousands of people have died, two million have been internally displaced in Tigray and at least 75,000 Ethiopians have fled to neighboring Sudan, according to official data.
Eritrea intervenes in the war collaborating with the Government of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his troops were accused of serious human rights violations.
According to a joint investigation by the UN Human Rights Office and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission published on March 3, all parties fighting in the conflict have committed acts of sexual violence and other abuses.

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