E-Sports in VR: they launch a video game that allows you to feel like a “sayayin”

Fighting in VR e-sports (Photo: Courtesy Hado)

The virtual reality (VR) helped the way of playing to diversify, making it possible for there to be another variety of titles and that the e-Sports (esports) had another focus.

Unlike conventional video games of soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf, wrestling, among others, where it mostly requires using a controller and sitting for several hours, VR games force people to move.

While there were options like Kinect and Wii that promoted players to have physical activity, those of VR offer another experience, because even in some Asian countries there are arenas and tournaments dedicated to them.

Something that differentiates them from other titles is that players take up more space to be able to perform movements during a game.

VR players get physical activity while having fun (Photo: REUTERS / James Redmayne)
VR players get physical activity while having fun (Photo: REUTERS / James Redmayne)

An example is HADO, developed in Colombia that allows you to throw with your hands energy balls fast or finishers to opponents, as well as defense shields. The goal is to get the most points within a time limit.

“Each of the players produces their energy balls and throws them at the opponent, who must dodge them. The team that can connect one of its energy balls in the body of the members of the other team, will have a point and the winning team is the one that accumulates the most points, before their super powers run out, so they must organize a strategy previous to obtain the victory ”, describe its creators.

The mechanics of the game in teams of three is similar to anime Dragon Ball, as it lets you launch attack balls. According to Leila Cuéllar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HADO, the video game “allows you to feel like a sayayin”.

Other e-Sports VR video games that have stood out is Echo Arena, whose dynamics can also be in teams and instead of throwing energy balls on the ground, hockey-like pucks are thrown in a zero gravity environment that also allows its players to fly.

HADO allows you to feel an experience similar to that of Dragon Ball (Photo: Courtesy Hado)
HADO allows you to feel an experience similar to that of Dragon Ball (Photo: Courtesy Hado)

This video game was released in 2020, however it was recognized for its immersive capacity and having an aesthetic similar to Orson Scott’s work, Ender’s Game, during the fights.

At the time, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the newly appointed Meta, said it was a zero gravity hockey game with victory dances, where strategic blocks turn everything into tactical training.

It should be remembered that in order to enjoy VR games it is important to have a special lens kit. There are video games like HADO that work with a bracelet and glasses developed by themselves, however, other titles do not need exclusive items.

Games in VR (Photo: Twitter)
Games in VR (Photo: Twitter)

For those other options there are glasses like those of Oculus It has several VR models, such as Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, which vary in their control capacity, memory capacity, screen, sound, resolution of pixels per eye, among other aspects.

There are others such as HTC, Sony or Valve that vary in models, costs, as well as the catalog of games with which they are compatible. There are also other glasses that were adapted for cell phones like Google CardBoard that made these games more accessible.

The advantage of buying “generic” accessories is the possibility of having a broader catalog of VR games. For example, the Oculus and HTC have compatibility with Steam where there is a varied list of titles.


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