Crime wave in Rosario: they shot four young people and a 15-year-old boy in the middle of drug attacks

Crimes in the city do not seem to stop as society demands answers

Mafia violence in Rosario does not give truce. Between the night of Friday and the early morning of today, in the city of Santa Fe there were five new crimes, according to the first indications, by hitmen. A 15-year-old adolescent, three young people, 21, 28 and 26, and another 37-year-old man were the victims. In addition, injuries were recorded in all the attacks.

One of the victims who finally lost his life yesterday, had received bullet wounds in an incident that occurred last week and was hospitalized. Is about Pablo Diaz, 37, who suffered an armed attack on República Street at 7900 on November 4.

Díaz was attacked with at least eight bullets, when he was on public roads and in the northwestern area of ​​Rosario. As reported at the time, the shots came from a moving car, a gray Peugeot 206, whose occupants shot the victim and escaped.

Due to the fact there are no detainees, explained sources from the Painful Homicide Fiscal Unit. The man was initially admitted to the “Eva Perón” hospital in the town of Granadero Baigorria, bordering Rosario, and later transferred to the Rosario Emergency Hospital due to the severity of the injuries. where he finally passed away ayer.

Postcard of the mobilization for the crime of the architect (Télam)
Postcard of the mobilization for the crime of the architect (Télam)

After the death of Díaz, after 20 yesterday, three people were killed and another was injured being attacked by shots from a car while they were gathered on the sidewalk of a house. In the place, Police seized a gun, bullets, drugs, and a stolen vehicle shortly after the shooting.

The triple crime with characteristics of disputes between drug dealing gangs It happened last night after 20 in Mexico at 1,700, near where the Rosario-Córdoba highway begins. According to the first inquiries, A group of people was gathered on that street in front of a house when a car passed by and opened fire.

One of the fatalities, identified as Aaron Isaías Aguirre (21), died at the scene as a result of the wounds, while another of the people hit by the bullets was transferred to the San Martín Polyclinic, located a few blocks away, where he died a few minutes after being admitted.

Judicial sources identified the second deceased as Maximiliano Alejandro González (28), who had injuries to the abdomen and left leg. As reported today by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPA), two hours after the attack the third fatal victim died, a 15-year-old teenager named Fabricio Maregui, who was admitted to the local Emergency Hospital.

The victim had a shot in the head and another in the back. As a result of the shooting, another young man identified by the initials of his name as MA, was injured but today he was out of danger. After the attack, police personnel raided a house located in Mexico at 1,700, where the attacked group was meeting.

Homicide personnel of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) of the Police kidnapped a Fiat Uno from that address with a warrant for theft, an unnumbered .22 caliber pistol, .22 caliber, .38 special projectiles and a large quantity of narcotic material.

In the place of the triple crime, the troops collected 13 pods served 9 mm and six leads, which were sent to appraise. The incident is being investigated by the prosecutor Alejandro Ferlazzo, who requested the required autopsies at the Legal Medical Institute and ordered that the wounded young man be detained for the weapon and ammunition found in the raided home.

Complaint of residents of Rosario for the crime of an architect in an act of insecurity
Complaint of residents of Rosario for the crime of an architect in an act of insecurity

A few hours after that brutal episode, a 26-year-old was murdered and his 13-year-old niece was injured when they were attacked with bullets when they returned by motorcycle from a party. The injured girl was admitted to a local health center and three other young people were also assisted for firearm injuries, apparently as a result of the same hitman-type attack, police spokesmen indicated.

He was also treated at the Rosario Emergency Hospital a 37-year-old man who would be the father of the 13-year-old girl. The crime occurred this morning in the streets of Doctor Rivas and Commands of the south of Rosario, when the victim returned on a motorcycle with her 13-year-old niece, after participating in a party.

As reported by the Painful Homicide Fiscal Unit, the victims were intercepted at the crossroads of those streets by still unidentified people who shot them without any discussion or attempted robbery.

The young man who was driving the motorcycle, identified as Diego Ariel Pioli, 26, died at the scene after receiving several gunshot wounds, sources in the case indicated. its 13-year-old niece was injured and was hospitalized, although no details were provided about the injuries she suffered.

All the death events with mafia overtones occurred a few days before the legislative elections, in a city where the settlement of accounts for drug trafficking does not give up and the social climate overheats before the claim of response to the authorities.

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