Co-author of Jennifer Arias’ thesis presented another version of the plagiarism document

Jennifer Arias, Speaker of the House of Representatives. – Photo: Colprensa.

Leydy Lucía Largo, co-author of the master’s thesis of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jennifer Arias, is under investigation for an alleged plagiarism that was known a few days ago. In the middle of this process, the Externado University assured that Largo filed a new text or version of the thesis.

“Last November 5 Mrs. Leydy Lucía Largo Alvarado filed a printed document with the General Secretariat which, as stated, corresponds his work of degree of Masters in Government and Politics, from joint authorship with Jennifer Kristin Arias Falla. On November 8, the aforementioned lady filed, in the same instance, a notarized copy of the document ”, the institution communicated.

But This does not mean that the investigation is going to proceed with this document despite the fact that it was received “in strict compliance with the rules on the fundamental right to petition and due process.” As reported by the Externado, the process will continue with the text that was known first and for the reasons that were reported.

Largo currently leads a team that works with the Presidency of the House of Representatives, a position that would have been reached by Arias. The appointment received criticism and the representative of the Democratic Center spoke. Arias said on Caracol Radio that Largo is an exceptional “highly qualified” professional.. She said that she has been the comptroller and asked not to be demerited for being her friend and thesis partner.

He added that his close is a very professional and talented person, while the now coordinator has not issued any communication about the fact. For now, both are waiting for what the investigation of the Externado reveals., but Arias assures that it is ‘fake news’.

As revealed by the newspaper El Espectador and the Plagio SOS portal, in only 11 pages of the text that the current congresswoman made, together with another university colleague, which they had access to through a presentation in Prezi, there are very similar fragments and some identical to three other texts published more than a decade before and to which the source is not attributed.

One of the alleged plagiarisms is from the text Rational choice, culture and structure of the author Alain De Remes, who published it in 2001. He himself, upon learning of the complaint, wrote on Twitter: “They are indeed identical excerpts from the text I wrote in 2000 for the Mexican Journal of Sociology. It is worth using the ideas, but citing the author. If it is not plagiarism ”, according to the newspaper.

Arias’s master’s thesis is titled: “The OCAD’s and its contradiction with rational choice theories”, published in 2016 for graduate degree. However, the original content of the document is not known, but only sections, because no information on its whereabouts is given.

Another of the alleged plagiarisms, as quoted by the portal in its Twitter account, corresponds to sections of the text The so-called public choice theory and an introduction to its application to the control of state acts, who wrote Christian guzman in 2002, as a professor at the Catholic University of Peru. The third corresponds to exact matches of paragraphs of the text The public choice theory, published in the San Carlos University of Guatemala, with the master’s thesis of Congresswoman Arias and her partner.


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