Cartagena’s Independence Day left a homicide and more than 900 intervened parties

During the commemoration of the Independence Day of Cartagena on November 11, a person lost his life. Photo: Pixabay

After the commemoration of the 210 years of the Independence of Cartagena, the Metropolitan Police of the city delivered a balance on security during said celebration. According to the authorities, the day left one person dead and 934 clandestine parties intervened.

According to a report from the Cartagena Police, the intervention of the 934 parties in the city took place in the midst of operations against crowds and clandestine parties in the neighborhoods. El Recreo, Los Campanos, El Pozón, Perimetral, Pedro Heredia Avenue, Nelson Mandela, Villa Estrella and San Francisco.

Regarding the homicide that took place during the commemoration, in dialogue with La FM Radio, the commander of the Cartagena Metropolitan Police, Colonel Nicolás Zapata, explained: “In the Barrio San Francisco sector Pasillo Rasta, The loss of life was caused by a blunt object of Eduardo de Arco, 20 years old, it was preliminarily established that the deceased today presented a fight between two individuals, being injured with a blunt object. “

A section of the report of the Cartagena authorities, known by the Caribbean Alert medium, also pointed out that, in the middle of the holiday, 10 people were captured for the commission of different crimes, 110 doses of narcotic drugs, 31 sharps weapons, 2 firearms were seized, and 2 stolen motorcycles were also recovered.

Likewise, the Police reported that 114 fights were attended, and in relation to the bands, bandits and the “silver or water” checkpoints, the authorities indicated that 75 ropes and 12 buckets were seized.

In terms of mobility, the report known by Caribbean Alert pointed out that during the commemoration 128 appeals for violations of the National Code of Citizen Security and Coexistence, 25 summons for violations of traffic regulations, 1,103 motorcycles were intervened, and 8 of those same vehicles were immobilized.

Faced with the balance, in an interview with La FM Radio, the Secretary of the Interior and Citizen Coexistence of Cartagena, David Múnera, reported that in order to avoid excesses in the city during this weekend, when the Cartagena Independence festivities ends , the authorities will strengthen controls, taking into account that more than 25,000 tourists are expected to arrive in the capital of Bolívar.

“There will be a reinforcement of the quadrant both the Perimetral road and in the El Pozón neighborhood, which are two areas where there has been the highest volume of situation, especially homicide, there will also be a reinforcement throughout the city of Cartagena during the weekend to be able to make a greater control to everything that has to do with the different festivities, Reign of Beauty, Queen of Independence, as the bridge that we are going to have this weekend ”, indicated the Secretary of the Interior.

The official also reminded the people of Cartagena that they are also prohibited bands, bandits and the “silver or water” retainers which, as reported by the newspaper El Universal, are commonly held in some areas of the city during the November festivities.

As explained by the Secretary of the Interior to La FM Radio, these “checkpoints and the water discharge” will be prohibited because both the city and the country have not yet overcome the health crisis caused by covid-19.

Covid-19 has not gone away, there were deaths in thousands of families from Cartagena as a result of the pandemic and we have to continue with self-care. We are not in a time of normality and we cannot get disorganized so that we have a fourth wave; that’s why the mayor banned the bands and bandits “, concluded Múnera in his dialogue with the Bogota station.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, during this festive bridge of the Independence of Cartagena it is estimated that they will mobilize 3,500,000 vehicles throughout the national territory.


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