Bicentennial Book Fair: know the schedule, location and live concerts

Bicentennial Book Fair starts on Monday 15

Miraflores is once again the center of reading in Lima. The district and the Peruvian Book Chamber (CPL) announced the Bicentennial Book Fair, a cultural event that will feature international exhibitors and guests in person. The event It will be held from November 15 to December 1 at the popular Kennedy Park.

This special edition is to celebrate 200 years of our Independence. To the joy of the readers,admission will be free. All attendees must respect biosafety protocols. It will not only feature presentations of works, but also talks, concerts and storytelling.

Through the social networks of the Peruvian Book Chamber you can see the announcements of all the artists that will be presented daily at the fair. They will animate this event with the best songs from their repertoire.

From 8:00 pm you can enjoy live music. There are more than 9 singers who will close, in a big way, each day of the fair. To see these shows you will have to go to the Municipal Palace of Miraflores, a space that has been called El Balcón del Bicentenario.

The fact: A party for publishers! 100 Exhibitors will participate in the Bicentennial Book Fair.


Any time of the day is a good time to find a book. The hours of operation are from 11:00 am to 09:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.


Thousands of titles will be displayed throughout the Kennedy! The Bicentennial Book Fair brings more than 120 stands distributed in and around the park.

It is one of the best known and most visited due to its central location in the Miraflores district. There are actually 2 parks: Parque Central and Parque Kennedy, one next to the other.

The exact location is on the edge of Avenida Diagonal, Larco and Calle Schell. You can get there with the Metropolitano, blue corridor or bus route.

The fact: if you are going to attend the Bicentennial Book Fair, we recommend you attend with cash to facilitate your purchase at the stands. You can also make payment by credit or debit card in some of the spaces that will offer their best editions.


From Colombia will be the Latin Grammy nominee, writer and singer-songwriter Victoria Sur, José Luis Díaz-Granados and Diana López Zuleta.

The writer and singer-songwriter Margarita Lasso, Leonardo Valencia, Óscar Vela, Xavier Oquendo Troncoso and Ernesto Carrión will be present in Ecuador.

The representative of Venezuela is Gustavo Valle, while Claudia Apablaza, an author who has published in Peruvian editorials for a decade, will come through Chile.

Carlos Aldazábal, Leopoldo Castilla and María Casiraghi will arrive through Argentina. Representing Bolivia will be Homero Carvalho.

Spain and Portugal will have a virtual participation.


These are the authors and creations that caught the attention of readers in its latest edition:

We on the Moon / Alice Kellen

El príncipe cruel / Holly Black

Eight (im) perfect princesses / Natasha Farrant

Boulevard / Flor Salvador

The Art of War / Sun Tzu

Meditations / Marcus Aurelius

Velasco / Héctor Béjar

The Inca’s Spy / Rafael Dumett

Visiting: stories about violence in the eighties and nineties in Junín / Ciriño D. López Salvatierra

The football of the intimate / José Carlos Rojas Medrano

Hidden stories, 200 facts that you do not know about Peru / Ítalo Sifuentes Alemán

Myths and legends of Peru / Carlos Garayar and Jessica Rodríguez

Dinosaurs in 3D / Didactic Editors


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