Bannon charged with contempt of US Congress

Status: 13.11.2021 02:44 a.m.

Ex-Trump adviser Bannon is charged for ignoring a House of Representatives summons to storm the U.S. Capitol. On Friday, Trump’s ex-chief of staff, Meadows, also disregarded a subpoena from the committee.

Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon was indicted on Friday for two cases of contempt for the US Congress. Bannon had ignored a subpoena from the House of Representatives’ Committee of Inquiry to storm the US Capitol. The US Department of Justice said Bannon would be charged for disregarding the subpoena and for refusing to provide documents. Bannon was expected to appear in court on Monday afternoon.

Justice Secretary Merrick Garland said the charges reflect the Department of Justice’s “unwavering commitment” to ensuring the department upholds the rule of law. Bannon’s lawyer initially did not respond to a request for comment.

Trump’s former chief of staff does not appear either

On Friday, the ex-chief of staff of the former President Trump, Mark Meadows, disregarded a summons from the committee of inquiry. Jan 6th Chairman of the Committee of Inquiry, Democrat Bennie Thompson, said he would recommend Meadow’s disregard charge next week. Should the House of Representatives vote in favor of an indictment, as in the Bannons case, the Department of Justice could again decide whether an indictment should be brought.

Previously, Trump had intensified his legal battles against the work of the committee. At Trump’s request, an appeals court temporarily blocked the release of files related to the Washington Capitol storm. The decision should give the court until the end of the month to review Trump’s arguments against releasing the documents that would otherwise have been handed over to the investigative committee on Friday.

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