Adolescent victim of abuse was again subjected to sexual harassment in a foster home of the Instituto de Bienestar Familiar in Valledupar

Two men and a woman who were in charge of an ICBF foster home in Valledupar were captured for being accused of sexually abusing a minor. Photo: Attorney General’s Office

A hell that seems to have no end has had to endure a minor who was a victim of sexual abuse and that when she was welcomed by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) to have her rights restored, She was sent to a foster home that had an agreement with that government entity, but there, where they were supposed to protect her, she was abused again.

The case was known on Friday after a press conference with the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa, announce the capture of two men and a woman who were in charge of the reception area for the minors who were victims of sexual abuse and where they would have perpetrated the harassment against the adolescent which he reported to the authorities.

“I want to celebrate that in a joint effort with the ICBF and the Technical Investigation Body (CTI) we have been able to uncover aberrant facts against our children and adolescents that had been taking place in a foundation enabled as a home for minors who were victims of sexual crimes in the city of Valledupar in the department of Cesar, ”Barbosa reported.

Those captured were identified by the investigating body as Rosa Virginia Laguna, Rober Emilio Fernández Tovar and her brother Lenin José Fernández Tovar.

“CTI researchers managed in the last hours the capture of three people who they acted as legal representative, director and coordinator of the foundation respectively. They are accused of subjecting minors to all kinds of sexual harassment “added the Attorney General.

In the prosecuting body they found that the alleged abusers would be involved in more cases of sexual abuse.

“The evidentiary material shows that the detainees, apparently, some even took the girls out of the home of step to induce them through pornographic videos in sexual practices and have intimate encounters with different people ”, Barbosa added.

Faced with the aberrant case of sexual abuse, the Prosecutor’s Office asked the guarantee judge to deprive these three people of their liberty.

“These people were charged with the crimes of aggravated violent carnal access in a heterogeneous contest with aggravated violent sexual act. They were presented before a judge of guarantees, the raids and arrests were legalized and at the same time an accusation was made. We are currently waiting for the guarantee control judge to grant the request for the assurance measure, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the director of the ICBF, Lina Arbeláez, affirmed that with this capture they were reviewing the complaints that have been made in the country of the places where violations of the rights of the minors in their charge have been detected.

“We are working precisely as the prosecutor said in this purge of any ICBF operator who dares to violate the physical, moral and sexual dignity of girls, boys and adolescents. Today there is a first result of this elite team guardian of childhood that we launched with the President of the Republic more than a month ago ”, indicated the official.

Arbeláez also revealed that on This place of reception had been receiving complaints, so they were left at the disposal of the investigating body that led to its closure, since there were 70 minors there, who were evacuated by the ICBF where they are restoring their rights again.

“As of October 27, when we had the opportunity to go with the elite team, we left all the material that was collected with indications of and indications that there was physical, sexual and psychological violence against the boys and girls of this area at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office. institution that had been operating since 2014 and now, respecting due process, we are on the verge of taking away their legal status and shutting down this place “, he concluded.


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