Acapulco, the tourist jewel in the hands of the narco: they kill for 100 pesos

Acapulco Guerrero

The port of Acapulco, in the state of Guerrero, has gone from being one of the main attractions in Mexico to a battlefield for organized crime. Last Thursday around 10:00 p.m., there was a confrontation between the armed forces and hitmen at the height of the La Cima neighborhood.

A routine inspection caused the crash. According to the reports, the security elements stopped a vehicle in which several subjects were traveling. The order of the armed forces was fired back by civilians, and a manhunt began.

The criminals managed to flee and kilometers later the truck where they were traveling was found. Inside were four lifeless bodies. After the events, various shootings and blockades were reported by organized crime in the Port.

The criminal acts in Acapulco do not reveal, for the mayor of the region, a situation of alert. Abelina López rules out drug dealing and an alert situation in the tourist jewel.

On Acapulco drug trafficking blows are not usually considered, in fact the national newspaper Reform has documented that the latest murders of carriers in the area is because they refuse to pay the floor fee that ranges from 100 to 1,000 pesos. Despite everything, the port of Guerrero remains a tourist emporium.

(Photo: Twitter / @ PC_Guerrero)
(Photo: Twitter / @ PC_Guerrero)

The Day of the Dead became a date marked in red in Guerrero, where various attacks on public transport units were reported.

In the municipality of Chilpancingo, the authorities reported on the arson of an Urvan truck, in the Timotlán neighborhood. According to witnesses, an armed group arrived at the site that forcibly removed the driver and set the unit on fire. So far the whereabouts of the driver are unknown.

The second incident occurred around 9:00 p.m. on November 1, in the Ahuiyuco-Centro neighborhood, where the driver of a unit was taken out of the vehicle and beaten. According to the authorities, the motive for the events is unknown.

Hell and paradise shake hands

The port of Acapulco, Guerrero (Photo: REUTERS / Javier Verdin)
The port of Acapulco, Guerrero (Photo: REUTERS / Javier Verdin)

In the tourist port of Acapulco, several incidents of violence have been reported in recent days.

The most recent, the murder of the photojournalist Alfredo Cardoso who received five bullet wounds. According to the details, the reporter had been picked up and hours later abandoned on a street in a serious condition.

Cardoso was taken from his home and a few hours later he was released near the building, wounded by a firearm. The journalist died in the hospital last Sunday.

Shortly before Cardoso’s death, the mayor of the Pacific port, Abelina López Rodríguez, had asked not to be alarmed about the wave of violence in the region.

“Tell me where the alarm of violence is, the alarm is set by the media,” he accused. “If we don’t take care of what we eat here, I don’t know what we’re going to eat. Why is Cancun keeping quiet? Because we have all understood that you have to eat something ”, specifically.

Acapulco has suffered bloody events in recent weeks. Last Friday, a arson affected 20 semi-fixed premises of the Central de Abastos de la Colonia Vacacional, in Acapulco.

According to police reports, during the early hours of the morning, a group of armed men sprayed gasoline on the stalls and then set them on fire. The damaged businesses were suffocated by municipal firefighters and elements of the Navy.

According to the state’s Civil Protection, there were no victims only material damage.

“Staff of this secretariat in coordination with elements of @SEMAR_mx and firefighters from the municipality, put down the fire that affected 20 semi-fixed premises of the Central de Abastos de la Colonia Vacacional, in the city of Acapulco, ”reported PC through twitter.

Another attack occurred on October 26, on Cuauhtémoc Avenue, when an armed commando wounded a driver of a collective transport truck. A passenger was injured in the incident.

Hours later, armed men shot a driver and his assistant on the La Base-Caleta route. The attack took place in broad daylight and in the vicinity of Diana the Huntress, which is very popular with tourists.

Around 3:00 p.m., a shooting was reported in Playa Caleta between criminal groups that are fighting for the area.

Another of the murders of the jewel of Guerrero occurred on Tuesday, when a driver of a public transport truck climbed onto the running board of the unit and shot him in front of the passengers and then fled.


Violence intensifies in Guerrero with arson to houses and public transport

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