A young woman died and 12 injured after an explosion in the Pensil Norte neighborhood, in CDMX

The explosion caused severe damage to a building. Photo: Twitter

On the morning of this Saturday, it was registered a strong explosion due to accumulation of gas inside a house located on the street Third Lake Ammer Closed, at the height of Lago Naur, on the Colonia Pensil Norte, town hall Miguel Hidalgo, according to the capital authorities announced.

The Heroic Fire Department reported, in his account Twitter, which was already working in the place, so the population was invited to avoid the area.

Until now 12 people have been reported injured, including a five-year-old girl, of whom four were taken to hospitals, and the rest were treated at the scene, in addition to serious damage to the building where the explosion occurred. Social network users have pointed out that there are also people trapped under the rubble of the damaged building.

“Emergency services are working to attend to the explosion in a house in the neighborhood of Pensil Norte, @AlcaldiaMHmx,” reported the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection on its Twitter account.

The same agency reported that canine binomials were activated to search collapsed structures. Later, authorities confirmed that a 20-year-old woman died after the explosion, and that his body had already been rescued from the rubble.

At least 5 injuries were reported.  Photo: Twitter
At least 5 injuries were reported. Photo: Twitter

Later, he posted that emergency teams were working in the area, where the house completely collapsed after the explosion.

“Emergency teams work in Lake Naur and Lake Ammer, col. Pensil Norte, @ AlcaldiaMHmx, where a house collapsed due to an explosion. @Bomberos_CDMX, #UGIRPC, #SGIRPC, @SSC_CDMX. #WorkingJuntos # LaPrentaciónEsNuestraFuerza “, wrote the agency on the social network.

They also wrote that they were “coordinating actions with local authorities and the City to attend to the emergency in @AlcaldiaMHmx”, and asked to avoid the area of ​​the collapse.

For their part, Firefighters of Mexico City, used the social network to report that the house had completely collapsed.

According to the first reports, the explosion occurred shortly after 09:00 in the morning, which caused the living place, from a floor, collapsed completely, in addition to reports of damage to several vehicles that were in the vicinity of the area.

Claudia Sheinbaum reported that four injured were taken to hospitals after the collapse.
Claudia Sheinbaum reported that four injured were taken to hospitals after the collapse.

According to the medium Millennium, several neighbors in the area declared that in the home about 15 people lived, of which at least two left the property without injuries, and the incident is believed to have occurred due to gas accumulation, however, the odor is not perceptible.

“Around 09:00 in the morning a very loud sound was heard, several of us went out to see and only saw a window of smoke, over time it was seen that a house collapsed at the very corner of our street,” he declared. one of the neighbors in the middle.

“They are working people from the neighborhood, several families lived there, I saw that two neighbors, I managed to see that they came out alive,” said one of the neighbors.

For its part, Mauricio Tabe, mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, reported in his account Twitter that the emergency services were working in the area, after the explosion, and also asked citizens not to approach the place, since it was cordoned off.

“The emergency services of the @AlcaldiaMHmx and the @GobCDMX are working after an explosion in the Pensil neighborhood. The area is cordoned off, we ask you not to approach the area ”, wrote the mayor.

Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, also reported that emergency services of the CDMX They were already working in the place after the explosion.

“Emergency services of Mexico City work in the neighborhood Pensil Norte, Miguel Hidalgo, after the strong explosion that occurred this morning, “the head of government wrote on her official Twitter account.

Too Sheinbaum, said four people had been taken to hospitals.

“The secretary of @SGIRPC_CDMX is at the scene of the explosion in Lake Naur and Lake Ammer, col. Pensil Norte, @AlcaldiaMHmx, informs me of 4 people transferred to hospitals. Emergency teams are working in coordination. We continue to report, ”the head of government reported.

The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, reported that staff of Victim Care He was going to the hospitals to which the injured people were taken after the explosion, and that experts in different specialties came to the scene.

“#FGJCDMXInforms that Victims Attention personnel travel to hospitals where injured people were transferred after an explosion in the Pensil neighborhood, Mayor M. Hidalgo. Experts, in different specialties, go to the scene of the events “, reported the agency.

According TV hole, one person was trapped in the rubble, a fact that confirmed Humberto González Arroyo, operational tactical director Comprehensive Health Risk Management.

The house was located on the corner of Lake Ammer and 3rd Closed Lake Ammer streets.  Photo: Google Maps
The house was located on the corner of Lake Ammer and 3rd Closed Lake Ammer streets. Photo: Google Maps


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