What’s the new Amazon Prime Video feature that will improve your users’ experience?

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Amazon is one of the most attractive applications at an international level in audiovisual content, service, books. It is a place where we can watch exclusive or popular series with friends and family in times of pandemic. Given this, the company has continued to innovate with a new tool for the Prime Video application.

It is a method where consumers can share clips of what is being viewed. It should be noted that it is only available for iOS and clients from the North American country.

Amazon did not reveal in its official statement if the function would also reach Android. For now, it is currently available for iPhone users with version 8.41 (or later) of the Prime Video app.


In accordance with Slash Gear, This smart video cropping tool will allow subscribers to indirectly promote company content by sharing your favorite scenes on social networks or contacts in other applications.

“The new Prime Video feature is powered by Amazon’s X-Ray technology. Assuming you’re watching an Amazon Original show through the company’s Prime Video iOS app, you can tap the screen to open the X-ray view. The interface now includes a “Share a clip” option that, when tapped, shows video editing functions. “, details the article.

In addition, it is mentioned that this will allow the creation of a video clip of the last thirty seconds of images seen. They can then scroll through the video clip and trim to the section where the clip will be shared. Due to copyright, the application will have a Prime Video watermark on the clip.

Also to messaging applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and Messenger. There is no option to directly save the video clip and it can be uploaded on other platforms.

Official release is limited to select Amazon Original shows, including including Fairfax, Invincible, The Wilds, and the first season of The Boys.


1. Enjoy content offline

One of the essential qualities of any current streaming platform is that it has the ability to download content so that it is available when the user chooses it, without the need for an Internet connection. Now it can be taken for granted, but remember that not long ago there were many applications that did not have this option incorporated and having it meant added value for the user.

2. Three months free on Audible

The future is in Audible and if you are one of those people to whom a new universe has been opened by your ears, you should try the audiobook and podcast service from Amazon.

3. Ad-Free Streaming on Twitch

Amazon Prime Video is constantly reviewing your benefits to provide subscribers with an up-to-date service. It didn’t take long to add Twitch to your offer, and Now anyone with an Amazon Prime account can use Twitch without ads. To do this, you need to link the accounts.

4. Change the appearance of subtitles

If you love to see series and movies in their original version, you will have your preferences in terms of the way in which you can modify them to your liking, changing the color and most importantly, the size as well.

5. Buy or rent first-run movies

You will be able to access films that were in theaters a few months ago, such as The Warren File: Forced by the Demon and In a New York Neighborhood, two of the biggest productions of the year that you can see from the sofa at home.

6. Pause a scene and find out who he is, where he came from and much more information about an actor

This feature is really useful and by the way, it is not very common on other streaming platforms. If while viewing a title you have the typical doubts about the name of a certain actor, where he saw it, and even biographical details, you can get to know them simply by pausing the scene.

7. Amazon Channels has access to different channels and platforms

In other countries, the Amazon Channels feature was already working when the service arrived in Peru at the end of 2020. With this feature, You have the possibility of accessing different streaming platforms, channels or different distributors through the same Prime Video application., but as long as you have a subscription for it.


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