They prosecuted the “Aunt” of the CJNG and her driver for transporting cocaine

Sandra Barrios Lopez, the Aunt, supposed operator of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in the Mexico City, was processed together with her driver, Iván Alberto Pérez Serrano, the Ivan, for transporting a shipment of cocaine bound for the bastion of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, the Mencho.

The General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) brought the case after the couple was arrested on the streets of the Morelos neighborhood last November 3. Supposedly, Barrios López offered a million pesos to be let go and alleged protection of agents in the capital.

The crimes charged are against health in the form of possession for transportation purposes hydrochloride cocaine and bribery. According to preliminary reports, the Aunt and the Ivan they planned to carry 49 kilograms of the narcotic a Jalisco.

a District Judge Specialized in the Accusatory Criminal System in Mexico City based in the North Prison granted the link to the process and authorized the unofficial pre-trial detention, after data carried by the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime (FEMDO).

The Aunt is originally from Chiapas and Pérez Serrano is originally from Sinaloa but lived in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco. She is 51 years old and her alleged accomplice, 33 years old.

After being detained, Barrios López and Pérez Serrano were placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), attached to the Specialized Unit for the Investigation of Crimes Against Health. The judge granted two months for complementary research.

The Aunt it was said protected by federal agents and alleged that he worked with the Heads, alleged member of the National Guard (GN). They were both arrested when they were traveling aboard a vehicle with plates of the State of Mexico.

Although the FGR reported the seizure in the Morelos neighborhood, the Secretariat of Citizen Security in the capital recorded the arrest in the streets of the neighborhood San Mateo Xalpa, Mayor Xochimilco.

This happened when a white car was driving in an unusual way and he was stopped to verify the situation. The policemen approached the window and noticed packages made with cinnamon ribbon.

“When questioning about its origin, the driver became visibly nervous and immediately mentioned to the officers that he was bringing more merchandise and that he was heading to the state of Jalisco, ”the statement highlighted.

The presence of the Mexican Navy was requested and the man and woman were insured.

Information in development …

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