The Municipality of La Matanza is fenced and guarded by the march of hundreds of neighbors for the crime of the kiosquero

The municipal building was fenced

The crime of Roberto Sabo, the newsstand shot to death during a robbery in his business in the Buenos Aires town of Ramos Mejía, moved vast sectors of society and hit hard on the minds of the population of The slaughter. Fed up with the criminal acts that were repeated frequently in recent weeks, the Neighbors of the 15 localities of that party convened themselves this afternoon to demand safety.

“How crazy, I never saw so many police together”says with surprise a young man in his 30s who walks a few meters from the Santos Justo y Pastor Cathedral. In front of him, the black metal fences approximately two meters high cover the entire extension of the block from Ignacio Arieta to 3000 and prevent access to the square.

The security device mounted by the Buenos Aires Police covers the six blocks between Arieta, Salta, General Ocampo and Peru streets. It thus surrounds the municipal building and the 1st police station in La Matanza.

Next to the fences, at each street entrance, the troops of the Tactical Unit for Immediate Operations and the local Police guard the passage. Meanwhile, members of the Infantry corps are distributed in the square, in the middle of the games. In addition, uniformed members of the Departmental Support Group guard the entrance to the DDI headquarters, on Salta Street. Strong custody within the framework of La Marcha de Las Velas.

The first protesters began to arrive minutes after 6 p.m.. Some hung flags on the fences, several of them in the national colors. One had the face of Alexis Flores, a young man who was run over on the night of March 27, 2016. His cause, says his mother Marta, is drawer. “I always come to the marches. I try to help because when it happened to me, I didn’t know what to do. Justice leaves you alone, “he says in dialogue with Infobae.

The woman lives in González Catán and tells what she experiences every day. “The insecurity that exists now is incredible. You cannot walk out. Either they steal your cell phone, or they jump off the motorcycles to steal your wallet, or they follow you on a bicycle ”, he remarks. He also complains about the police presence: “It is a shame that they put fences for us mothers of pain.”

Already at the agreed time for the start of the demonstration, hundreds of neighbors were applauding in front of the police and insulting Fernando Espinoza, the local mayor. Then they did a minute of silence.

“We want to live without fear” is the unified request of the inhabitants of the most populous municipality in the country. Thus, they called to concentrate from 19 on Friday in the Plaza de San Justo, in front of the municipal headquarters. “We are united by the pain of that family and in them those of so many who suffer the same, the message is clear: ENOUGH THE INSECURITY!”, expressed the neighbors through social networks and in WhatsApp states when spreading the mobilization, which bears the name of “March of the Candles”.

As they highlighted, it is a move “Without political flags”, promoted “in memory of all the victims” and which will bring together the inhabitants of all the towns of La Matanza: Virrey del Pino, González Catán, Gregorio de Laferrere, Rafael Castillo, Isidro Casanova, Ciudad Evita, San Justo, Villa Luzuriaga, Ramos Mejía, Lomas del Mirador, La Tablada, Villa Celina, Villa Madero, Tapiales and Aldo Bonzi.

The organizers, from different groups and security forums, asked those present to carry a candle to honor the victims of robberies and homicides.

The announcement caused concern in the authorities and the Federal Police placed fences around the municipal building. They are the same as those used on the esplanade of the Casa Rosada. The fear is that the incidents that occurred during the mobilization last Monday in Ramos Mejía will be repeated.

That time, a crowd gathered in front of the store where Sabo was murdered and they marched the 300 meters to the corner of the 2nd police station, but they did not reach the front of the section: a triple police fence prevented them. There were struggles, tear gas and a “everyone go” that was heard as a sign of the neighborhood fed up.

At the same time, two patrol cars who wanted to cut off the intersection of Alvarado and Avenida de Mayo, where the neighbors had already gathered before 6:30 p.m. and the same people fired the agents, who had to retreat. “It is not necessary, in a while you will not be able to circulate here,” a man explained to the driver of the police mobile to leave. The episodes of rage were repeated for hours.

This is how the front of the municipal headquarters looked this afternoon
This is how the front of the municipal headquarters looked this afternoon

Sabo’s murder happened last Sunday. The autopsy determined the cruelty of the crime: They murdered him with burning clothes. The body had six entry and exit ports.

As the investigation stages progress, the case has two detainees: Leandro Suárez (29) and his 15-year-old girlfriend, YG, both from Fuerte Apache, were arrested for the homicide when they tried to escape from the store. Suárez, who in August 2020 left a federal prison after serving a sentence of almost six years for two acts of theft and robbery, is accused of being the material author of the shots.


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