Stadtwerke Bochum prepare the merger of the telecommunications subsidiaries

Spohn: “Growing future market”

“With this connection we bring together what belongs together. We see the telecommunications business as a growing future market in which we want to operate in the future with a strong company and full integration on a fiber optic network, ”explains Dietmar Spohn, spokesman for the management of Stadtwerke Bochum.

Stadtwerke Bochum had prepared the merger in the past few weeks with the complete acquisition of the shares in TMR. Stadtwerke Bochum Holding GmbH (59.3%) has the other shares in Stadtwerke Herne AG (17.4%), Stadtwerke Witten GmbH (15.0%), AVU Aktiengesellschaft für utilities (5.8%) and of Stadtwerke Hattingen GmbH (2.5%).

Stadtwerke Bochum had already acquired the shares in the savings banks from Bochum and Herne in 2019. With the complete acquisition of the shares, the basis for the planned merger of TMR and Glasfaser Bochum was laid.

“Serving all stages of the value chain from one company”

TMR was founded in 1996 as a joint venture between Stadtwerke Bochum and other energy suppliers and savings banks in the central Ruhr area. The company provides telecommunications services for medium and large companies in the region. In addition, TMR markets infrastructure solutions to other telecommunications companies, for example in the form of line rentals to mobile network operators to connect transmitter locations.

Glasfaser Bochum builds and operates a fiber-optic network as the basis for supplying private households, companies, the housing industry and public institutions with high-bit-rate internet connections and TV products.

By bundling the activities of Glasfaser Bochum and TMR, further strategic potential is to be tapped. “In this way we can serve all stages of the value chain from one company and interlink the network expansion and sales activities even more closely,” explains Dietmar Spohn.

Dual leadership should lead the new telecommunications company

In addition, the size of the company should have a positive effect on the market position and the ability to cooperate with other telecommunications companies and the successful business models of TMR and Glasfaser Bochum should be marketed in a larger market area.

It is also planned to transfer the telecommunications end-customer business, including the Connect product family of Stadtwerke Bochum GmbH, to the merged company in order to create a fully integrated telecommunications company.

The managing directors of TMR and Glasfaser Bochum, Patrick Helmes and Christian Graumann, will jointly form the dual leadership of the new Bochum telecommunications company in the future. (hoe)

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