Sales stopped: next electricity provider gives up

Still balancing group contract with 50 Hertz?

At the transmission network operator 50 Hertz, however, Berla was still managed with a valid balancing group contract on Friday evening, according to a publicly accessible Excel file. 50 Hertz did not respond immediately to ZfK’s request.

There was also no new information from the other transmission system operators Transnet BW and Tennet on Friday evening.

Substitute suppliers step in

According to the requirements of the Federal Network Agency, transmission system operators are obliged to terminate the contract to those responsible for balancing groups if they no longer provide the necessary financial security in the long term. Affected companies often go bankrupt.

In any case, they can no longer supply their customers with electricity as a result. These fall into the substitute supply of the local basic supplier.

Berla: Society already dissolved

The ZfK was unable to find out directly how things will continue with Berla. A short-term ZfK request to the company on Friday evening remained unanswered for the time being. Any answers would be submitted at this point.

As of Friday evening, there was no new information about Berla to be found in the Federal Gazette. However, a company of the same name seems to have had major financial problems as early as the early 2010s. At least a document dated January 11, 2011 states that the company has been dissolved.

Energy crisis hits industry hard

For the following years, however, annual reports are again listed under the same company name. Jens Herberts, who is named in the documents as managing director, also states on the social network Xing that he has held this position since March 2010.

The energy crisis with record prices for electricity and gas in the wholesale sector hit a number of utilities hard. Most reacted with regular price adjustments, some others, especially low-cost providers, with legally controversial short-term price surcharges, discounts up to ordinary or extraordinary terminations.

Three bankruptcies known so far

As things stand at present, three small energy suppliers, Otima Energie, Smiling Green Energy and Lition, have also filed for bankruptcy since September. (aba)

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