Rodrigo Cuba signed a conciliation with Melissa Paredes using the same suit as her wedding

Rodrigo Cuba wore the same wedding dress. (Photo: Instagram)

Rodrigo Cuba she attended the conciliation center in the same outfit she wore at her wedding. Although she did not make a statement, the outfit she wore for this occasion meant more than a thousand words. With this detail, the footballer ended his love story with his daughter’s mother.

The athlete reached an agreement this Thursday in November with Melissa Paredes. For their part, the lawyers for both parties indicated that the conciliation also touched on the issue of divorce.

“An agreement has been reached, visits, goods, food, and a food pension paid for 50% of school and university education”, highlighted one of Melissa Paredes’ lawyers in a link with Amor y Fuego.

For her part, Patricia Simons highlighted that in “Shared tenure has not deprived the father of anything. However, with respect to the department, a social good has been left to the father. A small portion has been recognized for Melissa even though it is a social good ”.

Jorge Cuba expressed being very happy with this agreement, for the sake of his granddaughter, and that everything has been resolved. Once the conciliation was signed, Rodrigo took a photo with his father, both very smiling, which he did not hesitate to publish on his social network.

In this way, the footballer ended his relationship with his daughter’s mother. As it is remembered, the couple got married on December 22, 2016, as a result of their relationship, little Mia was born.


Jorge Cuba was the only one who referred to the situation his son is facing and confirmed that he never agreed with the marriage, and made it known to the footballer. However, she decided to support him because of the great love he has for his son.

I did an X-ray of her, why she wanted to know who my son was going to marry. She for more than 10 years she has moved through the entertainment world. She has had many previous relationships before starting with my son”, He commented.

Likewise, the former vice minister assured that he never told Rodrigo not to marry, on the contrary, he told him to be very careful with her due to all the scandals that he had starred in in the past. “I didn’t say no, just be very careful”, Indicated Jorge Cuba, who added: “She (Melissa) is the mother of my granddaughter. Yes, there were some discrepancies, but that is over and I respect it “

After learning about the ampay, Jorge Cuba has not hesitated to give all his support to the footballer. He even attended the conciliation center with the same suit that he wore at the wedding of Rodrigo and Melissa Paredes. Already on the set of Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter, the former deputy minister indicated that it was a symbolic act.


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