Renata Notni sent a tender compliment to Diego Boneta for “Luis Miguel, the series”

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After the expected premiere of the last season of Luis Miguel, the series, Renata Notni surprised Diego Boneta with a tender message where she recognized the incredible interpretation that her boyfriend made for three seasons as the “Sun of Mexico” in the Netflix production.

In recent years, Diego Boneta caused a sensation among the public by starring in the Luis Miguel bioseries. The 30-year-old actor gave life to the “Sun” from his youth until his representation today. One of the characteristics that attracted the most attention was that the native of Mexico City performed some of the singer’s greatest hits and recreated some video clips.

From her Instagram stories, Renata Notni praised the performance of the actor from The rock era in the bioseries and hinted that she was captivated by his interpretation of Lover of love, song that Luis Miguel released in 1990.

This song, you and the work that Diego did; too proud“The actress wrote about a short audiovisual fragment that she recorded with the help of her phone while enjoying an episode of the third season of the well-known series.

In the video you can see Diego Boneta characterized as Luis Miguel while walking through what appears to be a dressing room. In the background it was possible to hear the version of Lover of love that the actor recorded Rebel for this occasion.

Almost instantly, Boneta reposted his girlfriend’s post on her own Instagram stories, adding only that the topic was one of the actress’s favorites. “Your love song “, placed on the image next to a red heart emoji.

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni's vacation
The actors and Natalia Boneta visited an exclusive vineyard in France

The lovers continue to enjoy their relationship and, from social networks, both have shared some details of the places they have visited together or their celebrations. An example of this was when the actors walked through the streets of France and visited Saran Castle, property of Moët & Chandon, former residence of the 18th century.

Inside the beautiful mansion, Diego, Renata and Natalia Boneta enjoyed a spectacular lunch in the morning and a luxurious dinner in the evening, where the protagonist of La Venganza de las Juanas had the opportunity to serve champagne in a tower of compasses.

A few days ago, Renata Notni spoke about the rumors of an upcoming wedding with Diego Boneta. Surprised, the actress commented that she did not want to get ahead of anything and preferred to continue living day to day with her partner.

Yes, hey, you have to enjoy the month. We are celebrating ´Day of the Dead´, celebrating the moment, the day to day. We must not anticipate anything. Today happy and already”, Declared before the cameras of Today.

With this, the actress did not deny or confirm the speculations. The lovers have become one of the most famous couples in the middle of the show, so thousands of fans are attentive to any detail of their private lives.

On the other hand, the last part of Luis Miguel’s bioseries came to light last October amid the controversy over the issues that would be addressed in the delivery. The one that attracted the most attention was the torrid romance of the Puerto Rican with the American interpreter Mariah Carey, this time played by Jade Ewen.

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel La Serie – Season 3. Diego Boneta as Luis Miguel in Luis Miguel La Serie – Season 3. Cr. Camila Jurado / Netflix © 2021

In this regard, Boneta moved on social networks with his farewell to the character who gave him so much in recent years. From his Instagram profile, the actor thanked Luis Miguel for choosing him to play him in the bioseries and acknowledged the support he had from the public.

Thank you Luis Miguel for sharing your story with us.. Thanks to all the team of the series for making this possible !! But above all, Netflix Latin America and the fans who have always supported us, ”he said in the video he published.


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