Redispatch: Stadtwerke Halle rely on the DA / RE platform

Network operators are free to implement the network operator coordination concept (NKK) for Redispatch 2.0 either via the RAIDA software provided by the network operator cooperation Connect + or via DA / RE. DA / RE may be a project by Baden-Württemberg actors, but it can be used nationwide.

Advantage of nationwide use

This is even extremely advantageous, says Breuning, head of the network control technology department at Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall and a member of the technical advisory board for the DA / RE project. “With the RAIDA system, for example, the network operators receive cluster messages. This may contain several power plants that need to be controlled. In order to be able to work with the data, a network operator has to de-cluster these messages again in a technically complex process.” he explains. With DA / RE this step is not necessary because the network operator receives a separate activation document for each controllable system. The testing and commissioning of the processes would also be easier for the network operator with DA / RE. Those who do not want to do this in-house can fall back on tried and tested interfaces to service providers such as Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall.

Shutdown ranking is automatically applied after optimization

Another DA / RE advantage in this context: network operators do not need to worry about applying the BDEW ranking rules for the sequence in which systems are switched off. “This ranking is stored in DA / RE and is used automatically” “says Breuning. Even more: on the basis of the joint cross-network optimization, those systems from DA / RE would be called up for redispatch that resolve existing bottlenecks most efficiently.

DA / RE is also easier to use when assigning systems to network connection points. “With DA / RE, no master data changes are necessary in the event of a network switchover,” explains Breuning. “The network-related effectiveness is stored in a separate protocol report that does not require any changes. This saves network operators valuable time.”

In addition, the DA / RE platform offers network operators the opportunity to manage the mandatory redispatch balancing groups directly. “The redispatch balancing groups of every access network operator can be connected via DA / RE and managed accordingly centrally,” says Breuning. “Here, too, you can save yourself the expensive upgrading of EDM or PFM systems.” (Gun)

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