“Political tailwind” for the new Trianel company for the expansion of renewables

Broad development portfolio

Trianel Wind und Solar aims to build around 350 MW of regenerative generation capacities nationwide by 2030. To this end, the partners will invest around 500 million euros. In addition to Heidelberg, the group of 20 shareholders also includes municipal utilities from Bonn, Bochum, Jena and the Allgäu region.

“In the last few months we have already been able to develop a broad portfolio of locations for Trianel Wind and Solar with Trianel. In addition, we were able to agree on a joint cooperation with our long-term partner AboWind at locations in Germany for the development of around 60 MW of wind energy, ”says Markus Hakes, Managing Director of Trianel Wind und Solar. All in all, the project company already has a well-filled development portfolio after just one year, “which we want to develop into mature projects in the coming years.”

Heidelberg on the way to climate neutrality

With a share of seven percent, Heidelberg is one of the four largest investors in the new company for the expansion of wind and solar energy. Thus, the city and Stadtwerke Heidelberg will implement solar and wind power plants with a total output of 14 MW by 2024 through the cooperation. The new company plans to expand wind and solar energy by around 24 MW for Heidelberg by 2030.

According to its own statements, Heidelberg intends to further expand its “pioneering role in environmental and climate protection”. On the way to climate neutrality, Heidelberg launched a major climate protection action plan with the first 30 specific proposals in November 2019. Particularly in the areas of energy generation and energy efficiency, according to the press release, great efforts are being made to make electricity and heat generation as regenerative as possible and at the same time to reduce energy consumption.

On the way to the Heidelberg solar target: A lot has already been achieved, even more ahead

A concrete measure of the climate protection action plan is the expansion of the PV output by an additional 25 MWp by the year 2025. 3.6 MWp of this has already been realized. Among other things, two large systems were already installed in 2020: one on the large sports hall in the Heidelberg Innovation Park with a capacity of 0.33 MWp and another in spring 2021 with 0.71 MWp on the roof of the rotting hall of the recycling center in Wieblingen. Overall, the number of PV systems in the urban area has now grown to 950. Their output is around 24.5 MWp.

On behalf of the city, Stadtwerke Heidelberg will build at least five more MW of power on buildings owned by the city or by the municipal housing association GGH by 2025: For this purpose, the roof areas of all new public buildings in the city and the municipal companies will be used for the installation of PV systems.

In the case of roof renovations, PV systems are also being installed step by step on existing buildings. Private and commercial property owners are also involved in the expansion: A binding solar obligation applies to all new urban development measures and property sales in order to ensure that solar systems are implemented on all new buildings.

City promotes the installation and commissioning of PV systems

In support of this, the city of Heidelberg offers comprehensive advice on regenerative energy generation and efficiency improvements and also financially supports the installation and commissioning of PV systems on roofs, green roofs and facade areas through the “Rational Use of Energy” program. (hoe)


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