Master in Non-Profit Management

Volunteering is very popular in this country: around every second German is a member of one of the more than 630,000 non-profit organizations that exist nationwide. This is the result of the current Ziviz Survey – a representative survey on the situation of organized civil society in Germany. Since more and more people are getting involved in associations, foundations, cooperatives and other non-profit organizations, more specialists are needed to take care of the administration and management of the non-profit institutions. A degree in economics alone does not go far enough to qualify for a management position in this area. Further education master’s courses on the subject of non-profit management, on the other hand, combine personnel management strategies with social and political science aspects.

The managing director of a cultural center, a social worker and a managing director of Altenhilfe report on their individual career path, the requirements of their studies and their personal goals.

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