Kiko Martinez: “Nobody wants this world championship more than I do”

Boxer Kiko Martínez (r), in a file image. EFE / ARMANDO ARORIZO

Madrid, Nov 12 (EFE) .- The Spanish boxer Kiko Martínez, who will try to snatch the International Boxing Federation (IBF) featherweight world championship from the British Kid Galahad this Saturday, faces the fight without the favorite band, as away at Sheffield, but in the “best moment” of his career and having trained “365 days a year” for this moment.
“On Saturday I’m going to show that nobody but me wants this world championship,” he told Efe from England.
Eight years after becoming the world super bantamweight champion, the 35-year-old could be crowned in a second division. He enters the fight (20.00 DAZN) with a record 42 wins -29 knockouts- and 10 losses.
Q: How is preparation going in England?
A: They always treat me very well here, it is incredible to fight in the UK I have had a very long career fighting here and everyone recognizes, when I come here, that I am a great fighter.
Q: How about planning, already in weight?
A: I have already marked the weight and I only have to take care of the diet. Weight is something that does not concern us because I carry it throughout the year.
Q: How was the camp? He has been preparing with other high-level fighters.
A: We have had very good ‘sparring’, many strong guys and the truth is that it has been a great preparation. Although as I take care of myself throughout the year, when they told me I was already quite well and it was only to analyze the rival. A difficult, complicated and skilled boxer.
Q: How did this fight come about? It seemed that everything was pointing to a rematch with Zelfa Barrett.
A: My promoter called me and asked if I could still make featherweight. One option was to beat Zelfa Barrett, because I beat him, or to go down to featherweight to seek a world or European title, that was our goal. The opportunity came because we had a great fight against Barrett and we left the flag high.
Q: What is your opinion of Galahad?
A: He is a very skilled boxer with a lot of punch, he is the champion and I cannot expect a bad or lazy fighter. For this reason, we entered very strong because you knew that we had a great rival in front of us.
Q: He only has one loss and against Josh Warrington, who you gave a great fight to. Has this fact influenced your preparation?
A: Warrington put up a very good fight against Galahad and beat him very well. We have taken a lot from that fight, I have seen it many times with my training team and the truth is that it has helped us a lot in the preparation.
Q: Eight years after winning your last World Cup, how do you face this opportunity?
A: I have faced it in the same way that I won it, with a vision, an objective and above all focused on becoming world champion again. I have taken vacations during these two years without having opportunities for the title, I have not had days off, I have trained 365 days a year and I have taken care of myself for this. I’m coming in much better than when I fought Leo Santa Cruz or Gary Russell. On Saturday I am going to show that nobody but me wants this world championship.
Q: What Kiko Martínez are we going to find this Saturday on the ring?
A: They are going to see the real Kiko Martínez. A defensive boxer, attacker, very skilled but above all very offensive. Kiko Martínez not only knows how to attack but also defends herself while attacking. They are going to see the best Kiko Martínez and one hundred percent.
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