Judge accused of receiving millionaire bribes in Hyundai case dismissed

Former judge Reinaldo Huertas, linked in the case of Carlos Matto. (Colprensa-Luisa González)

The National Judicial Discipline Commission confirmed, on the afternoon of November 12, its decision to dismiss and disqualify for a period of 15 years the now former judge Reinaldo Huertas, who was found responsible at the disciplinary level for having accepted bribes to favor the businessman Carlos Mattos in the middle of the Hyundai case.

It is worth remembering that the second would have paid at least $ 2,500 million between 2015 and 2016 to various court officials to divert a lawsuit against Hyundai towards Huertas’s office, that at that time acted as sixth civil judge of the Bogotá Circuit, for the latter to rule precautionary measures in his favor and order that the South Korean manufacturer could not do business with anyone different in Colombia.

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