Iranian national team players complain about the abandonment of their federation

The players of the Iranian soccer team accused those responsible for their federation of having “completely forgotten” them in a letter published on social networks, this Friday in the middle of the qualification campaign for the Qatar-2022 World Cup.

“Our victories have become normal (for those responsible for the Iranian Federation) and instead of supporting us, they have completely forgotten us,” the footballers lamented in a message posted on Instagram by the entire ‘Team Melli’, nickname that receives the team.

“It is necessary to inform the people of the extravagant problems facing the national team,” they added, lamenting a situation “that is not worthy of the name of the country.”

After their victory against Lebanon on Thursday (2-1), Iran leads Group A with 13 points, after the fifth round of the Asia zone qualifiers. The first two of the two groups qualify for the Qatar-2022 World Cup.

“We have been wearing old jerseys for a year and we must put them on every time after washing them,” detailed the players.

A few hours after this statement, the Iranian Federation reacted by promising to support the team.

“‘Team Melli’ needs support and we hope that everyone will continue to stand by the federation,” federation spokesman Hossein Charifi told state television.

“The president of the federation will try to solve the problems,” he added.


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