Genshin Impact presented the details of its version 2.3 with new characters and a winter event

A little over a month after its last update, the study MiHoYo shared the news that will come to Genshin Impact with version 2.3 titled “Shadows of Snow and Dust”. All the content of the update will be available from November 24 to reach the holidays with lots of snow on the map and themed events for all tastes.

The frozen mountain of Dragonspin is going to be the main setting for the game’s winter event, which will feature the returns of Albedo and Eula, among other characters known to fans. This is a special training that will present three different challenges and interesting rewards, such as a new four-star sword, Cinnabar Spindle.

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The first challenge will be an agility test that will take place on specially designed race tracks with roads full of bonuses, badges to collect and obstacles. The second challenge will focus on tracking, “where participants will be asked to detect and melt a bunch of ice to find snowman components,” the developers explained. The third and final challenge in Shadows of Snow and Dust will be combat, featuring baits that release cold air. In this last stage, it will be essential to pay attention to the Extreme Cold indicator, which can inflict damage very quickly if a heat source is not found.

The three tests will present different components to build snowmen and celebrate the snowy seasons in the best way. The components will be able to be exchanged between friends and even placed in the Relaxer to decorate the space of each user at will.

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In any case, the news of Genshin Impact 2.3 is not limited to the mountain, but will also take players to Inazuma with the event “Sango File: the warrior dog”. “A mysterious dog and its illusory copies, the Canes Bunshin, appear to be guarding and patrolling the surroundings of some of the missing animals. To rescue them, they will have to sneak past the guard dog and use the gadget called the Ubiquity Network to move them. They can also distract the guard dogs using smoke machines and fireworks, ”anticipates the official announcement of the patch.

The rewards from this event include Protogems, resources, and the ultimate version of the new gadget, which can capture the essence of some small creatures and replicate their forms on the Relaxer. Additionally, the new update will also allow players to invite Paimon into their inner world.

Tsurumi Island will also present news from the hand of a new boss, the Golden Stalker King. Like other Stalkers before it, it has the ability to apply corrosion and summon Alpha Stalkers to fill up with shield. He will also improve his attack in the final stages of combat, which will require different strategies to successfully defeat him.

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Genshin Impact version 2.3 will also introduce Arataki Itto, a new 5-star playable character. This Inazuma Oni has a gigantic greatsword with the power of Geo and can gain supernatural strength with his Normal Attacks and Elemental Ability. Each charge of supernatural strength allows him to perform Charged Attacks that execute kesagiri sword strikes. As the last charge is consumed, an even more powerful finishing blow is unleashed. His Ultimate Ability also transforms him to convert all his attacks into Geo Damage and generate an even greater impact on enemies.

Accompanying Arataki Itto, players will also be able to obtain Gorou, four stars. It is about the general of Watasumi Island that many already know from the history of Inazuma. His main weapon is the bow and he has the ability to empower his companions in combat. With his Geo Vision, he’s a great pairing for Itto because he can provide more bonuses when more Geo characters are in the party. Both characters will also be useful when collecting resources with particular abilities.

Finally, Albedo and Eula will also be able to obtain during the first phase of Genshin Impact version 2.3 to offer an interesting variety of options.


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