Fichis, Yuya’s brother, broke the silence after losing their babies

Fichis assured that Paola would soon be discharged (Photo: Instagram/@paola.poulain)

Last Monday, November 8, the youtuber Sergio Castrejon, Yuya’s brother and also known as Fichis, and his wife, the also influence Paola Poulain, released the loss of their babies who were 27 weeks gestation.

Days before, Fichis reported that her partner had been hospitalized in an emergency due to affectations derived from a kidney infection, which led to this unfortunate news.

Complications in Poulain’s health forced doctors to submit her to cesarean section to give birth. After that, the content creator remained in intensive care; and babies, in a state of gravity.

Several days passed and Castrejón kept his followers informed through his Instagram account. However, his wife, surprisingly, shared on their social networks the unfortunate loss of their children.

“They say that destiny likes to play at promising what it cannot give. Thank you, my children, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be mommy for almost seven months and for allowing me to carry you for a few beautiful unforgettable minutes. They will always be our babies. Rest in peace. We will love you forever, ”he wrote.

Paola Poulain was in serious health before losing her twins (Photo: Instagram / @ sergecast)
Paola Poulain was in serious health before losing her twins (Photo: Instagram / @ sergecast)

After several days “disappeared” from his official accounts, Fichis reappeared to break the silence and make known his feelings for the sad loss and mourning that he is living.

Through some Instagram stories, the brother of the most famous makeup youtuber in Latin America, thanked people for the expressions of affection they have presented and recognized the work of the doctors in trying to save their little newborns.

“Hello, friends, thank you all for your messages that you have sent me, I have read them, they fill my heart. I also want to thank the Women’s Hospital all the doctors, the nurses, the people who were very nice to us, thank you, everything that could be done was done for our babies. The net there are many angels here and I am very grateful to them because without them I do not know what we would have done, “said the influencer, who was in front of the hospital where his partner is hospitalized.

Finally, between tears and sighs, provided details on Poulain’s health status, who is about to leave the hospital after going through difficult times.

“Pao will be discharged tomorrow. We have a long time to heal, we have very bad moments, but we are going to hit it with everything. Thanks for being on all this road. I love them very much ”, Fichis sentenced.

Despite his alleged differences with Poulain, Yuya expressed his condolences for the loss (Photo: IG Yuyacast)
Despite his alleged differences with Poulain, Yuya expressed his condolences for the loss (Photo: IG Yuyacast)

Who also added to the condolences was Yuya, despite not having the best relationship with his sister-in-law. With this unexpected reaction, the youtuber put aside her alleged differences, uploaded an image in her temporary stories on her official Instagram account with the message: “Somehow, at some point, somewhere or maybe in another life, we will meet again.”

Hours later, he shared another temporary story dedicated to his little nephews, an image with a blue background and purple clouds accompanied by a moon along with two stars representing babies and the sky.

Finally, the mother of the content creators, Maribel Castañeda, also shared a short, but tender dedication to her deceased grandchildren to remember them forever. “In a place beyond good and evil I will meet you”, He wrote.


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