Federico Polak, a key official of the Argentine embassy in Madrid, resigned: “It is unethical to receive remuneration without being useful”

Federico Polak

Federico Polak, the last spokesman for former president Raúl Alfonsín, decided to leave his post as virtual number 2 at the Argentine embassy in Spain. In charge of linking up with businessmen and making deals, the experienced UCR leader decided to renounce the mission and a message that reveals a certain dissatisfaction with the expectations he had: “I have not been able to fully carry out my assigned tasks”.

In a letter addressed to the ambassador to the chancellor Santiago Cafiero, the diplomat indicated that his function could not be carried out “despite the encouraging business climate that was generated from the beginning with Spanish companies and internationalized Argentine companies.”

“I beg you to thank Mr. Ambassador –who stands out for his personal management style– to honor me by requesting my appointment to the President of the Nation, ”he says in the text dated November 9.

In formal terms, Polak exercised the function of “Special Representative for the Promotion of Argentine Business Activity in Spain”. He had been summoned not only because of his closeness to the iconic president of the return of democracy, but also because of his political experience and his knowledge of private international law. A lawyer by profession, Polak has a doctorate in Legal and Social Sciences and held various positions in the public service that required his expertise lawyer.

When he was appointed to the diplomatic post, the referent of developmental ideas felt that he was facing the last high responsibility in the State, with a challenging task that he was interested in performing. In his political record, he had already been a spokesperson for Raúl Alfonsín during the mid-1990s, at the time of the Pact of Olivos and when the former president moved to the Senate, when he held a seat. He was also an auditor at PAMI between 2000 and 2001, and his passage through the internal life of the Boca Juniors club is known. Multifaceted and a Racing fan, he also presided over the riverside club as controller, where he avoided La Bombonera’s shot. On the institution he wrote a book, “Armando a Macri”, where he reviews the troubled history of the xeneize.

For Polak, 77, the return to a strategic role for the State, after the offer of the former president’s son, it implied a high expectation. He was going to be one of the strong men on the diplomatic mission, to fight the last battles before retirement.

But Polak started to feel frustrated a while ago, as he was able to verify Infobae from sources close to your environment. The work dynamics at the embassy, ​​added to the year and a half of paralysis due to the pandemic, did not seem to have favored the realization of agreements, meetings and possible businesses. A climate of boredom and obstacles was configured that neither affection towards Madrid, nor long encounters with friends such as the psychoanalyst Jorge Aleman and the former soccer player and sports entrepreneur Jorge Valdano they made up for that discomfort. He did not want to become someone who takes advantage of the diplomatic post and its privileges.

Although he thanked Ricardo Alfonsín, the negative balance appears explicit in the letter, with unusual words in an official. With no results that he can consider satisfactory, and using the words of classic civic rhetoric, Polak said that “this resignation will alleviate costs to the public treasury” So what “it is unethical to receive remuneration without being useful to the State”. He trusted that his departure will “facilitate an appropriate management to the Ambassador.”

Ricardo Alfonsín arrived at the embassy in Madrid as part of the structure of the Frente de Todos, after the critical distance he had since 2015 with the official UCR and its alliance with Cambiemos. The one who had convinced him to accept the diplomatic mission was Polak. “I am not a good friend of Ricardo, but I have a very good relationship with his family because of his father. I don’t know if Raúl Alfonsín considered me his friend, but we had a very close relationship, “he said in a report to the magazine Memo. In a time of internal upheaval for the Frente de Todos, changes also occur thousands of kilometers away from the Casa Rosada.


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