Diego Maradona Jr. spoke about the series about his father’s life

Diego Maradona Junior spoke about “Maradona: Sueño Bendito”, the series that portrays the life and work of his father, Diego Armando Maradona (Teleshow)

The Serie Maradona: blessed dream recreates part of the sports and media life of the best soccer player of all time: from his humble origins in Villa Fiorito to stardom, including a world championship with the Argentine National Team, his debut in Argentinos Juniors and his glorious passage through Boca Juniors and Napoli. But they also talk about everything else, about that permanent state of endless party with all that that entails: excesses, drugs and constant extramarital affairs.

This week the eighth episode of the series was released in which it is reflected the relationship he had with Cristiana Sinagra. It was about an Italian friend of one of Diego’s sisters who sold underwear. In fact, the series shows how Claudia Villafañe He met her one day in his own home, when he went to offer all kinds of clothes to the Maradona family. With the complicity of Doña Tota and Diego’s sister, the relationship is gestated with their endorsement, once again leaving Diego’s official wife aside.

From this relationship with Sinagra, a male child was born, Diego Jr., just a few months before his sister Dalma. Maradona refused for years to acknowledge him despite the fact that in the postpartum moment, Sinagra in a television interview showed her son and said it was from Diego Maradona. It took many years and many complaints from Diego Junior for the player to finally give him his last name and accept it. Many other sons and daughters claimed the surname of the ‘Ten’. Some were recognized and others are still awaiting justice.

In that sense, this Friday in Us in the morning (The thirteen) Diego Maradona Jr.’s opinion was revealed. about the series and also about this particular episode. “I wanted to know if you are watching the series about your dad or if you are going to want to see it“The journalist asked via WhatsApp Ariel Wolman, who is part of the panel of the program led by Chicken Alvarez. Junior’s response? “I’m not going to see it. They give it here in Italy, but I’m not interested”He said bluntly.

“Do you know if your mom saw her or is going to see her?” Wolman insisted. And Diego said: “She didn’t see it either. My lady is looking at her. But I didn’t really ask. I’m not interested“, Hill. “You prefer to keep your real memory”, said the journalist and Maradona Sinagra did not contradict him: “Yes of course”.

capture maradona diego jr whatsapp chat
The chats of Diego Maradona Jr. and Ariel Wolman about the series “Maradona: Blessed Dream” (Capture: “We in the morning”, El Trece)

“I also asked him if he is aware that there is going to be an auction with his father’s high-end properties and cars and what is in it. container. And he told me that yes, that he is aware, that he still does not know if he is going to participate, not to buy but to see what the move is like. But it is very strong that his wife is watching the series, which portrays the life of his father and the moment when his mother becomes pregnant.“Wolman analyzed.

Now you notice that Dalma and Gianinna do not see the series either. What’s more, they questioned it. Diego’s children do not want to see the series”Carlos Monti closed.


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