Court: Off for fertilizer regulation in MV

Measurement support points are missing

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has chosen a special procedure compared to other federal states, said the spokeswoman. There are many measuring points, but no measuring support points. These measurement support points played an important role in regionalizing the results. Regionalization means identifying the areas polluted with nitrate. If the measuring point network is expanded, this must be justified plausibly. That did not happen.

The state farmers’ association pointed out several times that the network of groundwater measuring points on which the ordinance is based has “clear deficiencies”. This was determined by a Berlin appraiser. Because of the regulation, farmers were allowed – illegally in their opinion – to fertilize less on certain areas, which would reduce yields and thus income. As a result, farms took legal action against the regulation. The OVG issued lawsuits from Köchelstorf (Northwest Mecklenburg) and the island of Rügen, which are considered model proceedings.

Exact effects unclear

The state farmers’ association welcomed the court’s decision. “I am not surprised that this has come,” said Association President Detlef Kurreck. Exactly what effects this has for the farmers who want to fertilize again from February should be examined on the basis of the justification. The MV Ministry of Agriculture has expressed itself similarly so far. (dpa / hp)

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