Biden and Xi will meet virtually next week

WASHINGTON (AP) – US President Joe Biden and his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping will hold their long-awaited virtual summit on Monday night, in which both sides will try to defuse tensions after a bad start for the Washington-Beijing relationship after the Biden’s arrival at the White House.

The White House has tried to keep expectations low for the video conference between the two leaders. Biden will almost certainly highlight that the two countries need to establish barriers in conflict areas in the complicated bilateral relationship. White House officials said no major announcements were expected from the meeting.

“The two leaders will discuss ways to responsibly handle competition between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, as well as ways to work together in areas where our interests overlap,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in the announcement of the meeting. “In the process, President Biden will make America’s intentions and priorities clear and speak clearly and concisely about our concerns.”

The meeting will be the third between the two since February. It comes after the United States and Chona promised this week at the UN climate conference in Glasgow that they will increase their cooperation and accelerate their actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan and China foreign policy adviser Yang Yiechi reached an agreement for the virtual Biden-Xi meeting by the end of the year when they spoke in Zurich last month, but had not set a date. date.

The virtual meeting was proposed after Biden, who spent substantial time with Xi when they were both vice presidents, mentioned in a September phone conversation with the Chinese leader that he would like to see him again, according to the White House.

Xi has not left China during the coronavirus pandemic. White House officials proposed a virtual meeting as the best available substitute for the two presidents to have a substantive conversation on various issues that have caused tensions in bilateral relations.

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