AWBR calls for the drinking water supply to be given priority

Trend reversal necessary

The water supply makes a valuable contribution to the achievement of the climate goals, according to the statement of the AWBR. However, this can only be achieved if drinking water production is given priority and if the resources are protected against pollution from pesticides and other chemicals.

This will apply all the more in the future, since the climatic changes will further exacerbate existing stresses. If there is no trend reversal, the energetically expensive drinking water treatment will become more and more the standard, warns the working group.

Focus on climate-resilient care

“For many water suppliers in the Upper Rhine, Alsace and Switzerland, the issues of climate-resilient water supply are currently of the highest relevance,” confirms the head of water supply at Badenova’s subsidiary bnNetze, Klaus Rhode. The AWBR therefore has high hopes for concrete measures at the end of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, in order to advance the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. (hp)

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