Austria’s Chancellor announces lockdown for unvaccinated people

Status: 11/12/2021 2:13 p.m.

In Austria, the incidence is now 780. In view of the drastically increasing number of infections, Chancellor Schallenberg announced a lockdown for unvaccinated people, which should be decided on Sunday.

Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced a lockdown for unvaccinated people in the country. A corresponding decision is to be made on Sunday.

In view of the steep rise in the number of infections, it is no longer sensible to wait. “We will take this step now,” said Schallenberg. The conservative politician justified the further restriction for non-immunized people who had been vaccinated against corona should not be expected to go into another lockdown for everyone.

“We have to tighten the screws again,” said Schallenberg. The lockdown should be controlled with random samples.

Nationwide 2G regulation

It was only on Monday that the government introduced a 2G rule for bars, tourism, events and sports: only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered from a corona infection have access.

In addition, a 3G rule in the workplace has been in force since the beginning of November, according to which unvaccinated people must regularly show negative tests. These two measures have led to a sharp increase in the number of initial and booster vaccinations in the past few days.

Austria with an incidence of 780

Recently, however, the number of infections rose sharply again. Today the authorities reported almost 11,800 new infections within 24 hours. The seven-day incidence was around 780.

According to the acting Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, the federal government will again classify Austria as a corona high-risk area from Sunday.

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