ANMAT banned a dietary supplement for facial hair growth

The product was offered through digital platforms

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) withdrew from the market a dietary supplement that claims to help the growth of facial hair and that was offered on the web. The measure was announced through the Provision 8387/2021, published this Friday in the Official bulletin.

This is the product identified as “Facial Hair Growth Support”, which comes in a presentation of 120 tablets and is distributed by the company Elevate Recovery Supplements, LLC, based at “8700 Stonebrook Parkway # 2112, Frisco, Texas”.

After an investigation, the Argentine agency determined that the article lacks health records, which is why it considered it to be “illegal”, which is why it prohibited its “commercialization throughout the national territory and on online sales platforms.”

According to the ANMAT, it all started from a complaint received at the National Food Institute (INAL) in relation to the promotion in Mercado Libre of one of these supplements, which had the lot number 003265008977 and the expiration date on 08/2022.

At first glance, the label on the container did not present “the mandatory information”, so the Food Authorization and Foreign Trade Department to report if this supplement “was registered” in the INAL and “if it had entered the country.”

However, the aforementioned Department “indicated that the product did not have a record or entry record.” Given this situation, it was decided to refer these actions “to the Institutional Relations Office of ANMAT to evaluate the measures to be adopted” in this regard.

The label of the dietary supplement lacks health records
The label of the dietary supplement lacks health records

Upon learning of the issue, the agency pointed out that the article “is in violation of article 4 of Law 18284, article 4 of Annex II of Decree 2126/71 and articles 13 and 155 of the Argentine Food Code ( CAA), due to the lack of establishment and product authorization ”, which is why it turns out to be“ illegal ”.

For its part, INAL’s Food Regulation Rector’s Department recommended “prohibiting the marketing of said food throughout the national territory”, taking into account “the detailed circumstances and in order to protect the health of citizens against the consumption of illegal products.”

To argue for this measure, it was reiterated that due to the lack of records, “Its traceability, its production conditions, its quality with adequate levels of control cannot be guaranteed under the conditions established by current regulations and its safety”.

“Prohibit the marketing throughout the national territory and on online sales platforms of the product: Dietary Supplement ‘Facial Hair Growth Support’, Distributed by: Elevate Recovery Supplements, LLC, 8700 Stonebrook Parkway # 2112, Frisco, TX 75034, Made in USA, for lacking health records, turning out to be an illegal product ”, resolved the ANMAT.

Earlier this year, the agency also recalled a “flavored pure protein” brand “Hard Core” for lack of registration of RNE and RNPA and for entering a non-existent RNPA and a RNE belonging to another company name.

In that occasion, the actions were initiated within the framework of the Program for the control of advertisements or publications on websites and marketing platforms of the Directorate of Institutional Relations of the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology in in relation to the promotion and sale on the website of the product that would not comply with current food regulations ”.


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