“An affront to communal services”

It is about statements like this: “An economically strong state like Baden-Württemberg needs a secure generation capacity. We can achieve this with EnBW. “Or:” The CDU parliamentary group expects EnBW to remain the undisputed number one in the provision of sustainable, climate-neutral and reliable electricity generation in Baden-Württemberg in the future. “

Statements like these from a current position paper of the CDU parliamentary group on the energy company EnBW (half of which belongs to the state and the Upper Swabian districts) have caused irritation in the municipal economy in Baden-Württemberg and in the local VKU state group. In a letter to the CDU parliamentary group, which is available to the ZfK, VKU state chairman Klaus Eder and VKU state manager Tobias Bringmann speak of an “affront to the local economy and its communities as shareholders”.

“Position paper in large parts very one-sided”

“Like EnBW and NetzeBW and in many places also very successful in cooperation with municipal companies, municipal utilities in particular make an equally significant contribution to security of supply,” Eder and Bringmann clarify .

With investments in the electricity sector alone amounting to 277 million euros in the electricity sector and 151 million euros in the gas sector, the VKU member companies made an important contribution to the energy transition in 2019, which could not succeed without it, it said.

“The concessions in almost all medium-sized and large cities in Baden-Württemberg are with municipal utilities”

The CDU politicians also see EnBW as playing a key role in promoting sector coupling as a gas and electricity network operator. According to the VKU regional group, this is factually correct. “But only where EnBW also has licenses. In almost all medium-sized and large cities, however, the concessions are held by the municipal utilities and not by EnBW. ”As a result, the municipal utilities are more likely to be the actors who can promote sector coupling. Incidentally, they are also happy to do that with EnBW.

The municipal utility representatives also criticized the fact that the CDU failed to pay any attention to competition in the market in its publication. The CDU state politicians are campaigning for even closer cooperation between the automotive industry in the south-west and energy suppliers, and in particular with EnBW.

Even with EnBW boss Frank Mastiaux, according to the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, individual statements in the paper caused astonishment. However, completely different. Among other things, the CDU politicians are calling for EnBW to focus clearly on Baden-Württemberg. This was interpreted as a rejection of an internationalization strategy. In an interview with the regional newspaper, Mastiaux had rejected this approach accordingly. (hoe)


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