Alex Fernández and Alexia Hernández already have a date for their religious wedding

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Alejandro Fernandez Jr. and Alexia Hernandez announced the new date for their religious wedding, as the couple had planned to get married a couple of months ago, but decided to postpone the event due to health problems that keep hospitalized. Vicente Fernandez.

It was in September 2020 when Alejandro Fernández’s first-born son surprised his family and fans with the news that he would marry Alexia Hernández, a couple with whom he has shared his life for just over 10 years. “I’m marrying the love of my life!”The interpreter wrote in an Instagram post where he also posted a series of photographs of his marriage proposal.

In the last hours it turned out that Alex Fernández and Alexia Hernández already set a date on the calendar for their next wedding. According to the singer’s own wife, the religious ceremony will be on November 11, 2022, This is how he made it known through his Instagram account.

Alexia Hernández’s profile is private, so the morning Hoy was given the task of recovering the information during this Friday’s broadcast. Without further ado, the new member of the Fernández family shared her happiness with her followers on the platform and added a photograph that was taken with her husband on the seashore, an image that belongs to the ritual with which they reaffirm their commitment.

It was in the middle of last May when the eldest son of Alejandro Fernández and América Guinart he married Alexia Hernández in civilian law. The happy couple decided to start a new life together and celebrated it surrounded by their closest relatives in a small gathering, this due to the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Archive photograph of the Mexican singer, Vicente Fernández.  EFE / Francisco Guasco
Archive photograph of the Mexican singer, Vicente Fernández. EFE / Francisco Guasco (Francisco Guasco Francisco Guasco /)

The newlyweds planned to have their religious ceremony this year, but as the weeks passed, the idea faded. Alex and Alexia hoped that the epidemiological traffic light would change so that they could celebrate their religious marriage. However, lovers They decided to postpone their wedding due to the state of health of the “Charro de Huentitán”, who since August has been interned at the Hospital Century 2000.

A couple of weeks ago, Vicente Fernández’s family announced that the interpreter of the Mexican regional is better and has already left the intensive care area, so it is expected that he will soon be able to return home. Even Pepillo Origel reported, in his program Excuse me, that the 81-year-old singer could leave the hospital before Christmas.

This new panorama on the famous interpreter’s health allowed Alex Fernández and Alexia Hernández to consider a new date for their religious wedding and, for that reason, they have already announced that they will marry in November of next year.

(Captura: @alexfernandez.g/instagram)
(Captura: @alexfernandez.g/instagram)

Currently, the couple is expecting their first baby. Alex Fernández surprised his parents by informing them that they will soon become grandparents again, as it should be remembered that his younger sister,Camila Fernández, already had a daughter with her husband Francisco Barba.

In an interview for Televisa Espectáculos, the interpreter of I set out to lose you He confessed that he is enjoying this new stage of his life as a grandfather to the fullest: ““ I am happy with my fat woman, with Cayetana, she is already six months old. She is beautiful, divine, she is already beginning to crawl, to babble, to say, she is in her moment of pure laughter, and now that Alex just broke the news to me, well happy to wait for the other grandson“, said.

Alex Fernández and his wife will become parents of a girl they will call Mia. From his Instagram profile, the 28-year-old singer shared a photo of the last ultrasound where the baby is seen making a gesture with his hand.


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