What is the condition that led Carmen Salinas to the hospital

At dawn this Thursday, the Mexican actress, Carmelita Salinas, He was admitted to an emergency hospital in the Roma Sur neighborhood in Mexico City. According to different media reports, the also former deputy would have suffered a stroke.

However, through the morning of Televisa, Today, it was reported that Salinas’s relatives asked the media for discretion and They did not confirm if this was the condition for which Carmelita, 82, entered the hospital.

In addition, Carmelita’s nephew, Gustavo Briones, informed the program that the actress’s situation is “serious” and that she began to present discomfort since last Friday, almost a week ago. Despite this, The interpreter did not stop fulfilling her responsibilities and a couple of days ago, she attended the presentation of the new telenovela in which she works.

“The Salinas family shares with them that the first actiz, Sa. Carmen Salinas is going through a difficult health situation, which is why she remains in the intensive therapy area, where doctors treat her. For the respect and affection that my aunt expresses to the press, They will be kept informed about the state of health and evolution”, Reads a statement signed by Gustavo and disseminated in the media.

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A stroke is an injury to the brain caused by the interruption or reduction of blood flow.: “It is a neurological disorder characterized by sudden onset, with symptoms lasting 24 hours or more, causing sequelae and, in some cases, death”, defines the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

There are three types of Cerebral Vascular Disease (CVD), as the condition is known clinically: tombotic, embolic and hemorrhagic. The latter being the one known colloquially as “stroke”.

In the first, the blood flow of a cerebral artery is blocked due to a clot that forms within it. This is most commonly caused by atherosclerosis, which is when the accumulation of fatty deposits cause a narrowing of the blood vessels.

Embolic occurs when the clot originates from a part outside the brain, such as the heart. In this case, a clot breaks off and is drawn into the brain by the bloodstream. It reaches a point that is narrow enough and, unable to pass, clogs the blood vessel and blocks the blood supply. This sudden blockage acquires the clinical name of “embolism”.

Photo: Capture / Today
Photo: Capture / Today

The last type of CVD is hemorrhagic, known as a “stroke”. and it is caused by the rupture and bleeding of a blood vessel in the brain.

According to information from the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery “Manuel Velasco Suáres”, Cerebral Vascular Disease it is one of the leading causes of death in the country.

Some warning signs are numbness, weakness or paralysis in the face, arm or leg, on one or both sides of the body and that appears suddenly. Also the sudden occurrence of blurred vision or reduced vision, loss of balance or falls without explanations.

So are the sudden inability to communicate, either due to difficulty speaking or understanding and the sudden onset of a headache of great intensity and without known cause.

It is important to emphasize that any of the warning signs may last only a few minutes and then disappear or they may precede a more consequential EVC and require immediate medical attention. For more information, the IMSS makes available informative material on Brain Disease Disease on its website.


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