Video: the effusive celebration of a fan for the victory of Canelo that attracted his attention in networks

Saul’s victory Canelo Alvarez over Caleb Plant for the undisputed 168-pound title was a historical event in boxing history. In that sense, the knockout that the Guadalajara gave the American during round 11 caused a stir among fans. Although the emotion must have taken hold of millions of viewers, the reaction of a particular man went viral on social media and attracted the attention of the super middleweight monarch.

Two days after winning the victory, journalist Juan Carlos Vázquez spread the reaction of a fan in the last moments of the fight. With the legend “Only for true Canelo Álvarez fans”, posted a video of the subject in front of the television. After Plant’s first knockdown, every time the Mexican landed a blow on his humanity, the anonymous fan screamed, clapped, danced and imitated his idol’s movements.

An hour later, the boxer himself reacted to the peculiar video. Through your verified account of Twitter, quoted the publication and disclosed that He was amused by a laughing emoji. In the same way, he thanked the emotion and the dedication that the subject showed in one of the most important victories in the sporting and personal history of Canelo Álvarez.

Canelo Álvarez is the first undisputed Mexican champion (Photo: Joe Camporeale / REUTERS) (Joe Camporeale /)

With the victory, the man from Guadalajara earned the respect of various personalities in the sports world, as well as the fans. However, despite becoming the first undisputed champion born in Mexico, as well as the pioneer at 168 pounds, received the disapproval of various journalists, although some fellow professionals also denied the importance of his legacy.

Among those who spoke almost immediately that he won the fight on Saturday, November 6, was David Faitelson. The controversial sports journalist assured that “They keep selling more than it really is. Canelo He is a great fighter, but he is not above today Terrence Crawford, de Errol Spence o Naoya Inuoe. He is a boxer who relies much of his prowess on power, preparation and discipline. He is 31 years old. It is a mole ”.

Another of the controversial comments came from the voice of Juan Manuel Márquez. In interview for the Program One on One, he assured that “the history of Mexican boxing is very rich. It has a lot. Can’t you say that the Canelo may be the best ever when we’ve seen the best. For example, those who have faced the best of the best, those who have not had support in any way, of any kind ”.

After winning the championship, Canelo will take a well-deserved break (Photo: Joe Camporeale / REUTERS)
After winning the championship, Canelo will take a well-deserved break (Photo: Joe Camporeale / REUTERS) (Joe Camporeale /)

However, Erick Terrible Morales, came out in defense of the Guadalajara boxer. In an interview with Jocelyn Flores, the expugilista considered that the sayings of the Dynamite Marquez were out of place. He even ventured to claim that “He is bitter about life.” In other words, he assured that each athlete lives different stages in his career and that it would be wrong to compare achievements indiscriminately.

“Obviously Márquez’s career cost him a lot of work, but not for that it has to demerit the work of others”He accused. Secondly, Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the World Boxing Council (WBC) praised and recognized the career that Canelo Álvarez has formed over 16 years in the professional circuit.

“There was an incredible atmosphere, a lot of Mexican present. We remember, without a doubt, the time of Julio César Chávez. That courier that little by little has been delivered from Chávez to Canelo it is now a reality. The Canelo is on top of the world. He is the undisputed champion in super middleweight and now he will take a well-deserved break and we’ll see what happens ”, he stressed.


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