Tourist boom: which are the most chosen destinations for the next long weekend in November

The Iguazu Falls celebrate 10 years as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the most chosen localities (Photo NA: Pablo Lasansky)

Some 2,121,000 tourists will travel the next long weekend in November, which will fall within nine days for the celebration of the National Sovereignty Day. The tourism boom remains persistent and is driven by the combination of the PreTravel program and the high dollar, which encourages the middle classes to opt for domestic tourism rather than trips abroad.

The latest available data that you had access to Infobae arise from the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, in charge of Matias Lammens. For those dates, the Pre-trip records a total billing of $ 44,296,521,612.

The sectoral projections are similar to what happened during the last long weekend of October, in which 4,250,000 tourists were mobilized. That volume of circulation of people was the best figure of the last decade for that date, according to official information.

The state incentive also has a targeted impact for retirees. For the long weekend of November 22, the tourists registered through the PreViaje-PAMI are 200 thousand, with a designated turnover of $ 4,047,862,353. The benefit for the elderly involves a return of 70% of the expenses in credit for those who have bought their vacations in advance.

Interest for the upcoming holidays was focused on some localities that managed to position themselves with the most attractive offer for a short break. Until yesterday, the localities projected high levels of hotel occupancy: Salta and Merlo (100%), Iguazú, Bariloche and Partido de la Costa (90%), Mendoza and Puerto Madryn (85%), and Mar del Plata (80%) . In one step below were the Quebrada de Humahuaca (75%), Ushuaia (70%) and Villa Gessel (65%).

The curiosity of the next tourist movement is the promotion of reservations in the cities of Villa de Merlo, San Luis, Salta and Puerto Iguazú. In the missionary town, this November 11, the ten years of the Iguazu Falls as a Natural Wonder of the World, chosen by more than 100 million people in the global competition organized by New7Wonders. In fact, the Ministry of Tourism of Misiones promoted a promotional platform with that entity with a raffle that includes a prize of 100 stays in Iguazú.

The latest updated Pre-trip data, according to the recipient provinces and the type of expenditure
The latest updated Pre-trip data, according to the recipient provinces and the type of expenditure

“From the national government we made a great effort to keep tourism standing because it is a strategic industry in the economic recovery of Argentina. The projections for the long weekend of November and for the summer season, which will be historic, fill us with joy”, Said the Minister of Tourism, Matias Lammens.

The president of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism, Gustavo Hani, indicated that the projections for the long weekend “consolidate the upward trend that we have been observing throughout the country”. “The activity is being strongly reactivated due to the need to travel and due to the impulse that the PreTravel program gave it,” he assessed. And he shared the same horizon in the corresponding for the coming months: “We have high expectations for the summer due to the volume of reservations that are being anticipated: tourism is taking its first steps towards recovery.”

Since the program was launched, on average, the destinations most chosen by the State’s beneficiaries are San Carlos de Bariloche (17%), Mar del Plata (8%), Ushuaia (8%), El Calafate (7%), Mar del Plata (7%) and Puerto Iguazú (6%).

Regarding the provinces, the tickets with the most loads in the PreTravel program correspond to Buenos Aires (21%), Río Negro (19%), Córdoba (10%), Santa Cruz (9%), Neuquén (9% ), Mendoza (9%), Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands (7%), Misiones (6%), Salta (6%) and Chubut (4%).


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