They launch the third part of the cartel of the most wanted in Barranquilla


To continue fighting crime in Barranquilla, the authorities published a third of the most wanted poster on November 10. The goal is to extend the outreach strategy so that citizens join in and report criminals.

In the first version of the poster were the leaders of the criminal groups that operate in the city, and in the second part, who would be the middle managers. Now, in this third part, there are another 27 men who would collaborate with these organizations. The names and aliases of the criminals appear on the list.

“This strategy of the security brigade against homicide has special components: a disarmament plan for life and articulated with the Mayor’s Office, rewards are offered, massive seizures of critical points, raids and a work articulated with the Attorney General’s Office where we go to focus some arrest warrants with the most wanted cartel with 51 of them where we have to generate a great impact, ”said General Luis Carlos Hernández, commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police.

Everyone on the list has arrest warrants related to extortion, theft and drugs. The police pointed out that the men extort money from the population and profit from local drug trafficking.

In order for the campaign to have more acceptance and to convince citizens to collaborate with the authorities, the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla offered a reward of up to 5 million pesos for the captures that are registered.

Those who have information about these criminals can contact the hotlines 323 273 0922, 321 394 5182, 321 394 5119. The authorities assured that this is done in complete confidentiality, so that citizens who report it will not see their integrity affected.

“We continue to deliver this information. All added together for the tranquility and coexistence of our beautiful Barranquilla ”, concluded the general.

He pointed out that it is important for citizens to provide information, because the insecurity figures in the Atlantic capital have been alarming. In addition, during September, when the first phase of the strategy was launched, civilians helped capture several of the criminals.

One of the most important captures was recorded on October 12, when Ober Ricardo Martínez Gutiérrez, known under the alias of El Negro Ober, fell. This man was one of the most wanted in Barranquilla and for whom the authorities offered a reward of up to 100 million pesos.

Likewise, with the help of the public, on Sunday, November 7, six people who would be part of the organized criminal group known as Los Illuminatis were captured. The detainees are accused of trading illegal substances in the department of Atlántico.

The arrests were registered through joint operations between the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla and the Attorney General’s Office. It was indicated that among those captured there are four women, identified as Damaris del Carmen Guzmán Ramos, Ana Elizabeth Galbán Cordero, Josefa Cristina Ferreira Daza and Luz Elena Ravelo Ramos. In addition, there are two men, whose names are Álvaro de Jesús Yance Acosta and Leonardo Jose Morelo Moreno.

Previous investigations show that the Illuminatis had been distributing cocaine in medium and large quantities in areas near Soledad and Barranquilla since 2020. Bearing this in mind, those captured must answer for the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime for the purposes of trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotic drugs in a heterogeneous contest with trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotic drugs, which were not found in the concentrated hearings.


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