The last message from Carmen Salinas before being hospitalized

Mexican actress, Carmelita Salinas, She was admitted to the Star Medica hospital, in Colonia Roma in Mexico City, on the night of November 10 because of a stroke that she suffered and that left her in a coma.

According to the last medical report offered by his relatives, Carmelita carried out her activities normally until she fainted. Later, the cleaning team at her home found her unconscious and transferred her to the hospital.

“Currently my grandmother is in a coma with her organs working naturally, that is, she is making them work. The diagnosis is a stroke and we are waiting to see how it progresses ”, said his granddaughter, Carmen Plascencia, before the morning cameras Today.

As reported, the actress of Beautiful at night remains in the intensive care area with assisted ventilation, This being the only part of your body that requires it, as your other organs are working properly so far.

(Capture: @ elgordoylaflaca / Instagram)

Gustavo Briones, who also came out to share the information with the media outside the hospital, asked the public to send prayers to his aunt and mentioned that, for the moment, the family will remain attentive to the new medical information that it could be announced around 7:00 p.m.

I ask you very much to continue praying for her. I’m heartbroken right now by what’s going on […] understand and we are waiting for what the doctors tell us, to wait nothing more, “he said with tears in his eyes.

However, before the unfortunate stroke, The actress and former MP made one last post on Twitter, where he referred to his latest project on Televisa, the telenovela My fotuna is to love you.

“Look what a beautiful family I have in the soap opera My fortune is to love you. LI invite you to see us on the channel of the Stars at 8:30 p.m., you will see that you are going to love it ”, he wrote in a tweet at 10:47 am

PHOTO: Twitter/@CarmenSalinasLo
PHOTO: Twitter/@CarmenSalinasLo

After the news of his hospitalization, Hundreds of fans spoke on their Twitter account and wrote in their latest tweet: “May God give her a speedy recovery”, “Paisana, all Torreón asks for your recovery”, “May you get better Carmelita” and “God grant her recovery, Mrs. Carmen, bless her and take care of her”, expressed some netizens.

About what will happen to the production of the Televisa company in which it participates, the producer Nicandro Díaz assured in an interview with Javier Poza that, for now, the recordings of some scenes will simply be suspended.

Out of respect for Carmelita, he assured, you will not go on without it. Although this could change in case the situation worsens for the actress: “His own nephew marked me last night at dawn, because here we are suffering from this situation. Effectively, we know that Carmelita is very delicate “, said.

The actress is recognized for working on different projects (Photo: Instagram / @ carmensalinas_56)

Furthermore, he added that saw Carmelita for the last time after the premiere of the first chapter of the Televisa production in which they work together and he stressed that he did not see it differently, although he knows that strokes often do not have previous symptoms.

“I have known Carmen since before entering Televisa. He is a person of all my desires and here we are suffering from this production”Mentioned the producer.

“Out of respect for her, I am not going to move anything (from the soap opera) until she recovers. If this situation continues, we will have to think about other things (…) For now, nothing, for now the story stays the same“, Concluded the producer to the program Javier Poza in Formula.


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