The child has Corona – do the parents have to be in quarantine?

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If the corona test of your own child is positive, you have to be in quarantine. But are parents also affected? Or are they allowed to go to work?

In schools, children are currently tested several times a week for the Coronavirus* tested. But kindergarten children should also carry out a test if they have symptoms of a corona infection such as runny nose, cough or fever. If the test is positive, they have to be quarantined. Parents and siblings may then also have to be isolated at home – but not in every case.

The child’s corona self-test is positive – what happens now?

As soon as the rapid corona test, which is carried out at school, shows a positive result for your child, this is considered a suspected corona test and the child has to go home in quarantine. The pediatrician will issue a sick note for this period. While the school informs the health department and sends classmates home into voluntary self-isolation, the affected parents of the child must one Perform a PCR test on your child permit. The latter also applies if the rapid test was carried out at home.

If the PCR test is also positive, the parents will be contacted by the health department and a multi-day test will be carried out Quarantine imposed on the child (The quarantine period should be shorter for vaccinated adolescents who fall ill despite corona immunization). With a few exceptions, your child is not allowed to leave the apartment or receive visitors during domestic isolation – even if they are not showing any symptoms. The responsible health department will inform you about the point in time from which your child is allowed to go to daycare or school again and whether free testing is required.

School children have to do a corona test several times a week. © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

Do parents and siblings also have to be in quarantine?

The respective state ordinance stipulates the quarantine requirement. In Bavaria, for example, the following applies: Are there close contact persons, including parents or siblings, fully vaccinated and have no corona symptoms, they have to not in quarantine (As of November 11, 2021). The reason: According to the current state of knowledge, the risk of transmission from vaccinated people is significantly lower. If typical corona symptoms occur despite the vaccination, the health department can still order quarantine. The same goes for, by the way recovered family memberswhose Covid 19 illness was a maximum of six months ago.

For unvaccinated parents or family members In the household, however, a quarantine for several days is always mandatory. You can find out how long it lasts and when you can test yourself from the responsible health department. However, unvaccinated workers in quarantine are not entitled to continued wages if they are not ill.

Can I go to work if my child is Corona positive?

Must be parents of a corona-positive child not even in quarantine, they can continue to work. You are even obliged to work, be it in the home office or at work. However, external care for the infected child by grandparents or other external care options is out of the question. If the parents cannot ensure the care of the child (also applies to the home office), they are also available for children under the age of twelve who are subject to quarantine Childhood sick days to. This means that employees can take time off work and receive compensation for the loss of earnings Child sickness benefit. The continued payment of wages is thus secured.

Parents in quarantine and show no symptoms of Covid disease, are not allowed to come to the workplace in the company, but may have to work in the home office. Read more about it here. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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