Steag district heating: through fuel conversion to the energy transition

The boiler plants in Essen-Nord and Essen-Rüttenscheid will be converted from oil and coal to the significantly lower-emission energy source natural gas. Energy generation from natural gas will represent an important bridging technology in the coming decades in order to achieve the agreed climate line and to guarantee security of supply as long as renewable energies are not available in sufficient quantities, according to the communication.

Long list of tasks

While the Essen-Nord heating plant is used in particular to cover peak load requirements for district heating, especially during the heating season in the autumn and winter months, the Steag system in Essen-Rüttenscheid primarily supplies the local university clinic and the Alfried Krupp hospital with district heating all year round .

A partial conversion of the boilers is now due to convert from coal to gas, as well as the replacement of the existing control system at the Rüttenscheid site, the dismantling and disposal of the existing components as well as the installation, commissioning and trial operation of the new components. According to Steag Fernwärme, after the conversion, both systems will meet the latest emission requirements in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Ordinance (13th BlmSchV) and will be upgraded for operation without constant supervision (so-called BOP mode). The concept of changing fuel makes a particular contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Save CO2 by changing fuel

“When we think of effective means of achieving the energy transition, we should also think of switching fuels. This is a very efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions from existing plants, especially given the time it takes to meet global decarbonization goals

is available. In the past few years we have successfully pushed fuel switch projects forward and supported our customers in using less emission-intensive fuels, “said Andreas Rupp, Head of Sales in the Service Business Unit at Mitsubishi Power Europe, in the message.

Gas as a bridging technology

Dirk-Michael Fabinger, Head of Heating Plants and National Networks at Steag Fernwärme, is convinced that the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2045 can only be achieved by using the most modern technical possibilities. “This includes switching from coal or oil to the much less CO2-intensive energy source natural gas, especially from the point of view of maintaining security of supply.” (Amo)

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