Ranking Apple in Argentina: Top 10 of the 10 most popular podcasts of today Thursday, November 11

What do you think is that the most listened to podcast in Argentina?

Apple is known for giving you the best quality offer. Therefore, we invite you to read the reviews of their 10 most popular broadcasts. Users have named them as their favorites and do nothing but comment positively on the offer of this platform streaming.

1. Waking Up Podcast

My purpose is to awaken your conscience based on my experiences and results, so that you can achieve with different programs to find tools, vehicles and paths that bring you closer to achieving economic freedom, happiness, self-esteem, integral health and above all to live doing what you love the most. like it .. Wake up with me and help me wake up millions in this world with your success.

2. Vengeance of the Past

All the programs of “Revenge will be terrible” by Alejandro Dolina in MP3.

3. Carlos Pagni in Argentine Odyssey

Carlos Pagni’s political analysis column in his television program Odyssey Argentina, which is broadcast on LN +

4. Curiosities of National Geographic History

Rome, Egypt, Greece … Get to know some of the most interesting moments in history through our entertaining podcasts in which we relate some curious historical episodes.

6. The English We Speak

Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service

7. Resident by Hernan Cattaneo

Hernan Cattaneo’s podcast

8. Sleeping Podcast

Say goodbye to insomnia! Sleeping is a podcast that will help you relax and fall asleep through exercises and meditations that will help you reduce your anxiety and stress. Join us every night and give your rest the importance it deserves. Produced by Dudas Media and created by Se Regalan Dudas.

9. Unsolved riddles

Unsolved Enigmas takes you on a journey through the greatest mysteries of this world with the help of Dafnne Wejebe. With the help of all the enigmatic # scouts, investigations and experts with proven history in their fields, Dafnne tries to solve these mysteries during each episode, are you ready to help? #ImEnigmatic

10. Understand your mind

Surely throughout the day you have 20 minutes. Choose the moment and we promise to help you understand YOU and understand them better. Fourth season, free, only on Spotify. | Understand Your Mind is a psychology podcast that, in an entertaining way, tells you how our mind works. With the voices of Molo Cebrián -podcaster and psychology student-, Luis Muiño -Psychologist and one of the best known popularizers of this subject in Spain-, Mónica González -Coach and university professor-, Rober Mengual -clinical psychologist whom you listen to in the Notes section.

Podcasts are part of our lives, despite their recent creation. Apple pampers us with a huge and high-quality offer for users in Argentina.

Here you will find productions of all kinds and for all tastes, so take the opportunity to select some new favorites. You know what you will always find them at Apple.

Did you see what your new favorite will be? Would you like to listen to a full season? 24 hours a day will fall short so you keep up to date!


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