Quarantined child: can parents go to work?

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From: Andrea Stettner

When their own child has to be quarantined, many are initially at a loss: Do the parents also have to be isolated at home? Or can I still go to work?

As soon as a corona case appears in daycare or school, the time has come: The child has to be in Quarantine*. He or she is not allowed to leave the apartment for 14 days and is not allowed to receive any visitors. Indeed what applies to the parents in this case? Are they even allowed to work? And do you still get your wages from your employer if you have to look after your child at home?

Do parents also have to be in quarantine if quarantine is ordered for the child?

If quarantine has been ordered for your own child because they are classified as First contact a corona-positive person has been identified, this only applies to the respective child. The parents and everyone else Family members of the respective household do not have to be quarantined and are allowed to continue to work, daycare or school.

However, in order to prevent the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from spreading unnoticed, it is recommended that the parents and siblings of the affected child also contact themselves isolate voluntarily. In other words: You should go outside as little as possible, shop less and not meet friends and relatives outside of your own household. If possible, parents should also work in the home office so as not to unknowingly infect their colleagues or other people in local public transport.

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If the child has to be quarantined because of a corona outbreak, parents can still work. © Ute Grabowsky / imago-images

Can I work if my child has to be in quarantine?

Since the quarantine order only applies to the affected child, the parents are allowed to move freely. That’s why they are obliged to work despite the quarantine of your child, be it in the home office or at work. However, in this case, of course, external childcare from childcare providers or grandparents is out of the question. Parents have to share care among themselves. Alternatively, you can take advantage of childhood illness days with your employer (see below).

What if workers are quarantined themselves? Do I have to work in quarantine – or will I be released from work?

Do I get paid if I have to look after my child and I cannot work?

If the child is under twelve and is in quarantine, parents can Childhood sick days if they cannot otherwise ensure the care. This means that employees can take time off work and receive compensation for the loss of earnings Child sickness benefit. This applies even if parents could work from home. The continued payment of wages is thus secured.

What are the prerequisites for this, how high it is Child sickness benefit is canceled and how many days of childhood illness parents receive, read here.

If the childhood illness days are not enough to care for the child, parents should try to find a common solution with the employer, such as working from home, taking paid or unpaid vacation or distributing the working hours in such a way that care for the child in quarantine can be ensured . (as) * Merkur.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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