PSI 20 price: the index maintains its values ​​in the session of November 11

Day of slight movements for him PSI 20, which ended the day on Thursday, November 11 with a slight rise in 0,05%, until the 5,706.73 points. The PSI 20 wrote down the maximum figure of 5,708.83 points and the minimum figure of 5,662.15 points. The trading range for the PSI 20 between its highest and lowest points (maximum-minimum) during this day it stood at the 0,82%.

Taking into account the last seven days, the PSI 20 note an increase of 0,07%, so that for a year there is still a rise in the 29,18%. The PSI 20 a 2,05% below its maximum so far this year (5,826.31 points) and a 22,76% above its minimum valuation for the current year (4,648.64 points).

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