Peru vs. Bolivia: closure of streets, schedules and entry areas of fans to the National Stadium

Everything ready for the Peru vs. Bolivia. (Photo: Andina)

Tonight the bicolor is playing everything for everything against its similar from Bolivia, that is why this match is decisive to know if there is a possibility of continuing straight towards Qatar 2022.

Given this, there will be various restrictions regarding the closure of streets, circulation will no longer be allowed from 4 pm, so attendees must take their precautions when moving and leaving the stadium.

Colonel of the National Police of Peru, Freddy Velásquez, told Canal N today that the roads that will remain closed throughout the day are access from Paseo de la República, Petit Thouars avenue, from Corpancho and Madre de Dios streets, as well as Saco Oliveros street.

The streets and avenues will be closed: Av. Petit Thouars, José Díaz., Nicolás Corpancho, Saco Oliveros, Madre de Dios, and Av. Paseo de la República (north-south direction) – from Av. 28 de Julio to Jr. Madre de Dios.

Therefore, it is recommended to take the following alternate routes: Av. Arequipa, Republic of Chile, Av. Arenales, Av. Salaverry, Cuba, Alejandro Tirado, July 28, Av. José Gálvez, Iquitos.


In the event of possible disturbances and above all to guarantee security inside and outside the National Stadium, the police have decided to make available about 1700 troops to protect before, during and after the fans who go to the sports colossus.

“The result is as important as the security measure is as important, for this the PNP has extensive experience in this type of development, especially in protection and security measures against such an important event. This constitutes a before, during and after as a general concept of this operation and strategy to allow our citizens to enter quietly and have all the necessary security “PNP General Jorge Angulo Tejada told channel N.

“It is important to understand that we are still in the context of the health emergency. There are restrictions to comply with, there are limitations that we have to take into account in such a way that the capacity must be respected and it is not possible to have a full stadium yet. For this reason, only 20% capacity will be allowed in the National Stadium, which is why 1700 police officers will be in charge of security, “he added.

As explained by the general PNP In charge of this security brigade, it is important to bring your identity document, since the 8,814 entries are verified to avoid reselling.

Likewise, he assured that each seat is properly away from each other in order to maintain the distance and continue with the biosafety protocols.

Remember to be respectful of the rules and thus enjoy a moment of distraction while cheering for the team.

As we know, this game is very important for the Peruvians, because our pass to the playoffs is defined here.

The bicolor and the green will face each other from 9 pm at the National Stadium.


PNP General Jorge Angulo Tejada, mentioned what are the protocols that you must follow if you want to enter the sports colossus safely.

To begin with, it is important that you know that each entrance is numbered and that you must sit in the specific place, since each seat has a reasonable distance as a safety measure. Therefore, you must respect your row and specific place. Another recommendation provided by the police force in charge of providing security before, during and after the sporting event is: take your mask yes or yes.

Do not forget to contribute your DAYS which is vital for identification before entering the National Stadium. Copies are not allowed. During the sporting match between Peru vs. Bolivia, it is not allowed to enter with drinks or food. So be snacks. It is forbidden to eat any type of food inside the National Stadium.

Don’t forget to maintain respect for the opposing team. Remember that we have already been sanctioned for blundering when the opponent’s national anthem started. Let us show that we are respectful and above all we maintain that union during this important meeting.

Remember that for the moment and as a way of prevention, it is forbidden to group together to bar with drums, trumpets, since that generates agglomerations. In addition, many people when counting, lower their masks and that generates more exposure to the COVID 19. As an additional recommendation, you can bring an additional mask in case the one you have to break or get dirty. Also carry alcohol to keep your hands clean.


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