Oil spill after truck overturning alarms residents of Cercado de Lima

Oil spill in Cercado de Lima.

Neighbors of the Cercado de Lima district are terrified, after a tanker truck that was transporting oil goes round the clock and this fuel spills all over Avenida nrique Meiggs with the Ascope shred.

The truck was heading towards the Callao from Chosica and was driven by Wilmer Bravo Castro that he was taken to the sector commissioner to pass the law examinations to determine responsibility for this emergency.

According to the first investigations, the tanker truck, with capacity for seven thousand liters, was circulating through the aforementioned area, when the driver, when passing through the train tracks, would have broken one of the ducts located at the bottom of the vehicle, breaking one of the safety valves, causing this highly flammable fuel to disperse.

Until now, firefighters are attending the emergency and making strenuous efforts to stop the spill of the black liquid that already covers the asphalt in several meters of this area of ​​the well-known district.

In the same way, it is known that there are neighbors who are presenting respiratory problems due to the strong smell of the fuel spilled on the asphalt.

It should be noted that as a precautionary measure they are putting barricades to prevent the oil flow keep moving to other streets. In the same way, it has been requested that for the moment no electrical devices be used, to prevent a spark of energy from falling and starting a large fire.


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